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Joy…Way, way, way back in the beginning of time Grandfather was watching all the children play. He was looking ahead to all the hard times that were to come to them, all the hurt and heart ache they were to encounter on their journey. He knew they must go round life’s cycle, but still tears weld up in his eyes and he wept. He wondered “What can I do to hearten them on their way, that they can look back and know that it’s going to be O.K…. that they’re going to make it….” Wiping the tears from his eyes Grandfather called the children to him. “Go, gather flowers and bring them to me.” And so they did – running here and there they picked the most beautiful flowers and hurried them to Grandfather. He fashioned a bag out of his coat and asked each child to place the flowers in there. When he had all the flowers Grandfather lifted his eyes and shook the bag. Then squatting down among the children he slowly opened the bag…. and out came flying beautiful butterflies, hundreds and hundreds of them. Grandfather watched as the children ran after the butterflies, laughing, giggling and jumping…so happy…so joyful. They squealed in glee, running and clutching at the beautiful creatures as they flew just on the tips of their fingers. And Grandfather felt peace. He knew the children would one-day remember and understand….