The Great Spirit is now looking at us, and hears all we say and promise, and he knows it is from the heart.

James St. Louis  Delaware


May I suggest a few thoughts on the three words of our assignment: "God", "we," and "understand." And if you will listen with your hearts, as I know you have during this whole meeting, rather than with just your ears, I think God will bless us.

Father Ed Dowling  "AA Comes of Age"  pg. 254


But Ebby went on to say that when he had attempted prayer, even experimentally, the result had been immediate: Not only had he been released from his desire to drink--something very different from being on the water wagon--he had also found peace of mind and happiness of a kind he had not known for years.

"Pass It On"  pg. 115


Grandfather hear me, I pray from the heart.