What could be greater than to be Wakan-Tanka's mind, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, arms, hands, legs, and feet here on earth?"

Fools Crow  Lakota


This is our twelfth suggestion: Carry this message to other alcoholics! You can help when one else can. You can secure their confidence when others fail. Remember they are very ill.

Big Book  pg. 89


 We have come to believe He would like us to keep our heads in the clouds with Him, but that our feet ought to be firmly planted on earth. That is where our fellow travelers are, and that is where our work must be done. These are the realities for us. We have found nothing incompatible between a powerful spiritual experience and a life of sane and happy usefulness.

Big Book  pg. 130


The Goddess's Hands

One Solstice two women, one an elder one young, went camping. They rode horses as far as they could, then hiked up a steep mountain. By the time they had pitched their tent, made supper and cleaned up they were pretty well bushed. The elder lady asked the younger to make sure the horses were secure. The next morning the horses were gone.

The elder lady said to the younger, "What happened to the horses, I thought you had tethered them?" The younger lady said "I don't know, ask the Goddess, because I was so tired last night I just prayed to the Goddess to take care of the horses, I don't know what happened I prayed three times." The elder replied "It is good that you have faith but to ask the Goddess to tether the horses you would have to offer her your hands because she has no others."

 You are the Goddess's hands.  ( A Navajo Story)