So I prayed, but I had to pray from my heart. All of my concentration and thoughts went from my head to my heart. All of my senses – hearing, smell, taste, and feeling – were connected to my heart.

Wallace Black Elk  Lakota


Prayer and meditation are our principal means of conscious contact with God.

Twelve Steps & Twelve Traditions  pg. 96


Often, I sense the deep meaning of the phenomenon of Alcoholics Anonymous, but I cannot begin to fathom it. Why, for instance, at this particular point in history has God chosen to communicate his healing grace to so many of us? Who can say what this communication actually is--so mysterious and yet so practical? We can only partly realize what we have received and what it has meant to each of us.

It occurs to me that every aspect of this global unfoldment can be related to a single crucial word. The word is communication. There has been a lifegiving communication among ourselves, with the world around us, and with God.

"The Language of the Heart"  pg. 243

  AA Grapevine July 1960


Great Mystery teach us to pray from our hearts.