"...Grandmother the Earth. That power is here all the time. It is continuous, and nobody controls it."

Wallace Black Elk  Lakota


"Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity"

Big Book  pg. 59


The prosaic steel girder is a mass of electrons whirling around each other at incredible speed. These tiny bodies are governed by precise laws, and these laws hold true throughout the material world. Science tells us so. We have no reason to doubt it. When, however, the perfectly logical assumption is suggested that underneath the material world and life as we see it, there is an all Powerful, Guiding, Creative Intelligence, right there our perverse streak comes to the surface and we laboriously set out to convince ourselves it isn't so. We read wordy books and indulge in windy arguments, thinking we believe this universe needs no God to explain it. Were our contentions true, it would follow that life originated out of nothing, means nothing, and proceeds nowhere.

Big Book  pg. 49


Thank you, Grandfather, Grandmother for the air we breathe and the earth we sit upon.

These meditations are sent out from “Daily Readings From The AA Lodge” manuscript, published by The Native American Indian General Service Office of Alcoholics Anonymous.