All those of you who have greater wisdom, greater power will demonstrate greater humility, render greater service and try to strengthen all others.

Hiawatha   Iroquois Confederacy


We see that the sun never sets upon A.A.'s Fellowship; that more than three hundred and fifty thousand of us have now recovered from our malady; that we have everywhere begun to transcend the formidable barriers of race, creed, and nationality. This assurance that so many of us have been able to meet our responsibilities for sobriety and for growth and effectiveness in the troubled world where we live, will surely fill us with deepest joy and satisfaction.

But, as a people who have nearly always learned the hard way, we shall certainly not congratulate ourselves. We shall perceive these assets to be God's gifts, which have been matched by an increasing willingness on our part to find and do His will for us.

Bill W.   AA Grapevine   July 1965


Grandfather may our wisdom give strength to others.