The Great Spirit looked down from heaven upon the suffering and wandering of his red children...He saw the ravages of firewater, He therefore raised up for them a sacred instructor, who having lived and traveled among them for sixteen years was called from his labors to enjoy eternal felicity with the Great Spirit.

Soso-ho-wa  Iroquois


Serenely remarking to his attendant, "I think this is it," Dr. Bob passed out of our sight and hearing November 16, 1950 at noonday...

At the alcoholic ward in St. Thomas his friends did, however, erect this simple plaque. It reads: "In Gratitude: The friends of Dr. Bob and Anne Smith affectionately dedicate this memorial to the sisters and staff of St. Thomas Hospital. At Akron, birthplace of Alcoholics Anonymous, St. Thomas Hospital became the first religious institution ever to open its doors to our society. May the loving devotion of those who labored here in our pioneering time be a bright and wondrous example of God's grace everlastingly set before us all."

"Language of the Heart"  pg. 354 & 360


Maine newsletter say: "With tireless devotion and humility, this venerable Indian gentlemen traveled thousands of miles humbly pleading for sobriety. He planted many seeds, and it will be many moons before another rises to walk in his shoes."

Big Book Third Edition  pg. 476


Grandfather may I walk with humility in both worlds.