We love it, so we cannot refuse it, it makes us wild; we do not know what we are doing; we abuse one another; we throw one another into the fire.

Okanicon  Delaware



Men and women drink essentially because they like the effect produced by alcohol. The sensation is so elusive that, while they admit it is injurious, they cannot after a time differentiate the true from the false. To them, their alcoholic life seems the only normal one.

"The Doctor's Opinion"   Big Book   pg. xxviii



But there was always the curious mental phenomenon that parallel with our sound reasoning there inevitably ran some insanely trivial excuse for taking the first drink. Our sound reasoning failed to hold us in check. The insane idea won out. Next day we would ask ourselves, in all earnestness and sincerity, how it could have happened.

Big Book  pg. 36


However intelligent we may have been in other respects, where alcohol has been involved, we have been strangely insane. It's strong language--but isn't it true?

Big Book  pg. 38


Creator let us live free of the insanity of alcoholism.