"When we want to talk to Him we burn tobacco and it takes our prayers all the way up to the Sky World."

Louis Farmer  Onondaga



In meditation, debate has no place. We rest quietly with the thoughts or prayers of spiritually centered people who understand, so that we may experience and learn. This is the state of being that so often discovers and deepens a conscious contact with God.

Twelve Steps & Twelve Traditions  pgs. 100 & 101


In A.A., we have found that the actual good results of prayer are beyond question. They are matters of knowledge and experience. All those who have persisted have found strength not ordinarily their own. They have found wisdom beyond their usual capacity. And they have increasingly found a peace of mind which can stand firm in the face of difficult circumstances.

 Twelve Steps & Twelve Traditions  pg. 104


A man who persists in prayer finds himself in possession of great gifts. When he has to deal with hard circumstances, he finds he can face them. He can accept himself and the world around him.

AA Grapevine  June 1950


Great Spirit teach us how to pray.