The Great Spirit does right, he knows what is best for his children. We are satisfied.

Cochise  Apache


Song of Hiawatha


That the feeble hands and helpless,

Groping blindly in the darkness,

Touch God's right hand in the darkness and lifted up and strengthened,

Listen to this simple story,

To this song of Hiawatha...Listen to the words of wisdom,

Listen to the words of warning from the lips of the Great Spirit

From the Master of Life, who made you...

All your strength is in your union,

All your danger is in discord.

Therefore be at peace hence forth forward and as brothers live together.

H. W. Longfellow



In the darkness of the hut, Frank opened his heart to his Creator. He prayed for all those who are dear to him, friend and family alike. As he whispered a final amen a voice in the darkness said, "Your prayer was totally unselfish. You have learned to pray."


AA Grapevine  August 1986


Great Spirit hear us, we are satisfied in our hearts.