Let beauty shine in your eyes. Let beauty flow from your mouth. Let beauty manifest through your hands. Let your spirit always be inspired by the beauty of the stars. Live in beauty, work in beauty, depart in beauty.



Perhaps one of the greatest rewards of meditation and prayer is the sense of belonging that comes to us. We no longer live in a completely hostile world. We are no longer lost and frightened and purposeless. The moment we catch even a glimpse of God's will, the moment we begin to see truth, justice, and love as the real and eternal things in life, we are no longer disturbed by all the seeming evidence to the contrary that surrounds us in purely human affairs. We know that God lovingly watches over us. We know that when we turn to Him, all will be well with us, here and hereafter.

Twelve Steps & Twelve Traditions  pg. 105


 Let everyone use his mind earnestly when we lift up our prayers of appeal to that one, our Father, the Great Spirit, our Creator.



Great Spirit help us to see beauty so we may walk in beauty.