You shall look and listen to the welfare of the whole people.

Dekanawidah  Iroquois

"I thought I was different because I'm an Indian." I heard that statement from many Natives at my early A.A. meetings. I would only shrug and say to myself: You think you're different, what about me? I'm a red-haired Indian.

"Fourth Edition"  Big Book  pg. 494


What is an American Indian? The answer of course is that an Indian is an idea which a given man has of himself. And it is a moral idea, for it accounts for the way in which he reacts to other men and to the world in general and that idea, in order to be realized completely, has to be expressed.

N. Scott Monaday  Kiowa & Cherokee


"Well, Buddy, I guess there's just you and me." Believe it or not, it worked: those simple words worked. Something happened: A little peace came over me, anxiety left, and then I lay down and fell asleep. I slept well that night, the first good sleep in a long time. That feeble request to God worked. I was honest and really wanted God's help. From that day on, I knew that I had found a Higher Power and that He would help me.

"Fourth Edition"  Big Book  pg. 499


I thank the Great Spirit, the sun and the moon, for putting me on this earth. It is a good earth and I hope there will be no more fighting on it. That the grass will grow and the water will fall and plenty of buffalo.

Cut Nose  Arapaho