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The Native American Indian General Service Office of Alcoholics Anonymous functions to provide AA service to Native American alcoholics and anyone interested in finding their sobriety in an Indian way. For nearly 30 years NAIGSO has continued to carry Earl L's vision of AA service to Indian peoples. In his vision Earl saw native peoples coming together to celebrate their sobriety and their tribal customs and traditions. NAIGSO has only been able to follow Earl's vision because of the loyal support of AA members around the world who have faithfully continued to send in their contributions.

Native Americans suffer a rate of alcoholism ten times higher than mainstream population. This fact makes the need for an Native American AA Service Office vital to carrying the AA message to these peoples. Native Americans can often be difficult to reach due their need to interact with life in very different way than the Euro-Christian culture of mainstrean society and the resulting AA service structure and literature. It is of utmost important to provide an AA atmosphere where Indians feel free to find sobriety through their own spiritual values in their own way. These principals are supported by AA's Twelve Traditions, especially Traditon Four - Each group should be autonomous except in matters affecting other groups or AA as a whole and Tradition Five - Each group has but one primary purpose -- to carry its message to the alcoholic who still suffers.....

NAIGSO exists and functions as a result of Earl's vision and supports all Native peoples wishing to find their sobriety through the spiritual principals upon which AA's Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions are founded, and their own spiritual traditions and customs. In this spirit NAIGSO created its own AA literature in the form of the "Daily Readings From the AA Lodge' manuscript. NAIGSO group conscience believes it is the missing link for Native Americans seeking sobriety through the spiritual principals of Alcoholics Anonymous and their own tribal traditions. The cost to print and distribute this manuscript, free-of-charge, has become the major expense of NAIGSO's efforts to provide service to all alcoholics, especially Native Americans.

Within the concepts of AA's Seventh Traditon - NAIGSO ought to be self-supporting through contributions from AA members. In today's world many people are on the move and have mobile devices in hand. So to make it easier for AA members or groups wishing to make voluntary contributions NAIGSO has added a convenient way to send in those contributions. Below you will find a Paypal button.
(NAIGSO does not affiliate nor endorse Paypal, nor does it wish to imply any affiliation or endorsement of Paypal. Using the link is no different that an AA group having a bank account to deposit contributions and to pay the group's bills.)

NAIGSO has no paid staff and no real office rental expenses, thus all income from your voluntary contributions goes directly to maintaining the website which is our virtual office. One hundred percent of all contributions goes directly to the expenses of carrying the AA message, through the website and our manuscript. The cost of printing and distributing the manuscript, free-of-charge, is our main expense. Each copy costs about $20  to print and mail, NAIGSO sends out over 100 copies every year.

This link is being provided for AA members and those wishing to make "In Memorium" contributions to NAIGSO in keeping with AA's Seventh Tradition of self-support.

This link is not intended to solicit any donations from the general public!!