It has been told us that way, way, over on the other side of the mountain all the spirit children ran and played in and around Grandfather’s house. They would laugh, giggle, and wrestle and so on and so forth together. Each child was unique with his or her own personality and individual dream ….a dream of how best they could honor and express Grandfather’s love. However there was a big problem, a spiritual child could dream but could not grow. How in the world could Grandfather ever see his love nature flourish and grow and come home to him?


Then Grandfather revealed his plan – the Dream Catcher. Each spirit child would pass through the dream catcher and experience a thing called humanity…a spirit child would come housed in a body, process a soul…and grow. All the children jumped around…all excited. In fact they were beside themselves as they waited their turn to come through the dream catcher. “Grandfather, can I go with Josh? Can Mary come with me? Can I help Don grow? Can Sylvia be my mom?” they exclaimed.


Then they started coming, you and I included, each one born to fulfill his or her dream. As we passed through the dream catcher the memory of our dream was caught in the webbing and held…. held there for us to review when we return home…. back through the webbing to Grandfather’s house. How many times we must come and go…who knows… once in a while we catch a glimpse and experience “a knowing” we come this way before – or we have heard that drum before, that music before …but where? Or when? Oh the joy of these gentle reminders and the knowing we are fulfilling our very own dream with the very ones we chose to help us…together with all our relations.