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“The one who wishes to be a true medicine person must be a person of faith, and they can only work successfully with those who also have faith."

Fools Crow  Lakota




You can't make a horse drink water if he still prefers beer or is too crazy to know what he wants. Set a pail of water beside him, tell him how good it is and why, and leave him alone.                  

"As Bill Sees It"  pg. 14




We did not always come closer to wisdom by reason of our virtues; our better understanding is often rooted in the pains of our former follies. Because this has been the essence of our individual experience, it is also the essence of our experience as a fellowship.   

"As Bill Sees It"  pg. 31




We are not allied with any particular faith, sect or denomination, nor do we oppose anyone. We simply wish to be helpful to those who are afflicted.

Foreword to the "First Edition" Big Book




Creator let me feel the power of faith.