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Victory is only achieved and victory is sustained by those hearts in which the flame of nobility, honesty and the spirit of heroism burns bright. May the Great Spirit be the flame in your hearts.

Hiawatha  Iroquois




Next day found the prospect more receptive. He had been thinking it over. "Maybe you're right," he said, "God ought to be able to do anything." Then he added, "He sure didn't do much for me when I was trying to fight this booze racket alone."

On the third day the lawyer gave his life to the care and direction of his Creator, and said he was perfectly willing to do anything necessary. His wife came, scarcely daring to be hopeful, though she thought she saw something different about her husband already. He had begun to have a spiritual experience.

That afternoon he put on his clothes and walked from the hospital a free man. He entered a political campaign, making speeches, frequenting men's gathering places of all sorts, often staying up all night. He lost the race by only a narrow margin. But he had found God--and in finding God had found himself.

Big Book  pg. 158




Great Spirit may we feel the flame burn in our hearts.