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Our wise forefathers established union and amity between the five nations. We are a powerful confederacy and by observing the same methods you will acquire such strength and power, therefore whatever befalls you, never fall out with one another.

Canasatego  Mohawk





The moment Twelfth Step work forms a group, a discovery is made--that most individuals cannot recover unless there is a group. Realization dawns on each member that he but a small part of a great whole; that no personal sacrifice is too great for preservation of the Fellowship. He learns that the clamor of desires and ambitions within him must be silenced whenever these could damage the group.

Twelve Steps & Twelve Traditions  pg. 130




The unity, the effectiveness, and even the survival of A.A. will always depend upon our continued willingness to give up some of our personal ambitions and desires for the common safety and welfare. Just as sacrifice means survival for the individual alcoholic, so does sacrifice mean unity and survival for the group and for A.A.'s entire Fellowship.

A.A. Comes of Age   pgs. 287 & 288




Great Mystery teach us to sacrifice for the good of the group.