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"Wakan Tanka never stops creating."

Archie Fire Lame Deer  Lakota



But my friend sat before me, and he made the pointblank declaration that God had done for him what he could not do for himself. His human will had failed. Doctors had pronounced him incurable. Society was about to lock him up. Like myself, he had admitted complete defeat. Then he had, in effect, been raised from the dead, suddenly taken from the scrap heap to a level of life better than the best he had ever known!  

Big Book  pg. 11




Each day my friend’s simple talk in our kitchen multiplies itself in a widening circle of peace on earth and good will to men.

Big Book  pg. 16




Ideas, emotions, and attitudes which were once the guiding forces of the lives of these men are suddenly cast to one side, and a completely new set of conceptions and motives begin to dominate them. 

 Big Book  pg. 27




We, in our turn, sought the same escape with all the desperation of drowning men. What seemed at first like a flimsy reed, has proved to be the loving and powerful hand of God. A new life has been given us or, if you prefer, "a design for living" that really works.

Big Book  pg. 28




Grandfather, I pray for all those alcoholics who have not found sobriety.