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It is well to be good to women in the strength of our manhood because we must sit under their hands at both ends of our lives.

He Dog  Oglala Lakota





My weary and despairing wife was informed that it would all end with heart failure during delirium tremens, or I would develop a wet brain, perhaps within a year. She would soon have to give me over to the undertaker or the asylum.

Big Book  pg. 7




My wife became deeply interested and it was her interest that sustained mine, though I at no time sensed it might be an answer to my liquor problem. How my wife kept her faith and courage during all those years, I'll never know, but she did. If she had not, I know I would have been dead a long time ago. For some reason, we alcoholics seem to have the gift of picking out the world's finest women. Why they should be subjected to the tortures we inflict upon them, I cannot explain.

Big Book   pgs. 178 & 179




Grandfather thank you for the woman nations, help me to respect them.