Sober Indian Riders

Indian Club

Service Statement


Sober Indian Riders (SIR) is an Indian Club. Therefore, as an Indian Club, we cannot

enter into affiliations, coalitions, federations etc, as a motorcycle club would. We

respect all traditional motorcycle clubs and in no way means any disrespect to any of

them. Membership is urged to use good judgment with regard to wearing any

support items. However as a group of sober American People whose primary goal is

to have fun and share the sober lifestyle and ride motorcycles. Membership

requirements are that you live sober. There are no gender, race, or recovery

program requirements for membership.

 You may contact us at:

The membership body offers fellowship to ALL NATIONALITIES in recovery from

alcohol abuse and or drugs. We do not endorse one recovery program, religion or

religious denomination as superior to another. However, the influence of American

Indian Traditions, Customs, Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and a

Higher Power is strong within our Indian Club. The only true requirement is a desire

to live a free sober and honest lifestyle.

It is we the trusted servants prayers that friendship will form and support will begin.

That is what our Lodges are built on. You are free to join a Lodge.

No particular brand of motorcycle is required.

We are to be self-supporting via events hosted, dues paid and sales of Sober Indian Riders merchandise.

We may accept unsolicited contributions as long as there are no requirements or conditions imposed upon Sober Indian Riders.

Our purpose is to walk together along the path of the cycle of life - towards death

and rebirth together, through love, respect and caring, we can find in the wholeness

of time the strength to complete the circle. We believe in our sacred trust to our

traditions and work towards living in harmony as our ancestors did. Always

remembering the price our relations have paid so that we can live Free. Creation has

given us the covenant duty to watch over our land-earth and to live our heritage in

order to keep alive the very essence of who we are as recovering/sober people. We

carry this message as we travel and ride united to the different Lodges throughout

America and abroad to build friendships, meet people, and share with other circles

the spirit of life. Each of us is a stepping-stone on the pathway to wholeness. That's

the way we're going to make change and reach the person that may have the desire.

The road being taken is a long one, with gentle slopes and steep mountains to climb

before we reach its end. Many pathways link the health of the Lodges and the

individual. Let us strive to purify our paths and to share the kindness it brings us.

There are no mandatory events, we are indeed an Indian Club and highly encourage

our members to get together. The chosen leader will try to coordinate one or more

events per year. Lodges are encouraged to plan fun get together and rides to various

places as often as they want, but should never pressure members to attend.


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