Courage ... One time a little boy and his sister went to the reservation to stay with their grandfather on the old homestead. They loved to run free in the bushes, grass, and weeds. The days were so joyful and the evenings were so good. As one of their duties, grandfather asked them to do the dishes after supper each evening ... they were to take turns. Also living on the homestead was an old goose that was quite mean and would chase and squawk after them and try to bite them. One day, as boys do, the little boy picked up a rock (and really not meaning to) threw it and hit the old goose right in the head and killed it. Scared and not knowing what to do he dragged the old goose behind the barn and buried it. That night when his sister went to do the dishes she peeked back around the door and beckoned her brother to come here. She said, "do the dishes." "No, it's your turn." "I'll tell grandfather about the goose." "O.K". And so the little boy wound up doing the dishes ... doing them night after night ... after night ... after night. One day the little boy could stand it no more - he marched in from the yard to his grandfather. "Grandfather, do you know that goose?" "Yes, my boy." "Well, I picked up a rock, threw it, hit him in the head - killed him - dragged him around the barn and buried him. Grandfather picked the little boy into his lap, held him tight and spoke into his ear. "Yes, I know - I was sitting here by the window watching. You know, I just love the dickens out of you - I wish I had ten more just like you." That night after supper, it came time to do the dishes his sister beckoned her brother, "do the dishes." "No, it's your turn." "I'll tell grandfather about that goose." The little boy lifted up his head, looked her right square in the eye and exclaimed, "WHAT GOOSE!!"