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Online AA Email Meetings

The following AA Email Meetings are registered with the Online Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous (OIAA) and listed with NAIGSO-AA.

NAIGSO-AA Family Circles Group

Group Goals
1. To help our Indian people obtain sobriety through the 12 steps and 12 traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).

2. To be a helping hand to Alcoholics Anonymous General Service Office, New York, NY and Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, New York, NY as an information source and referral service.

3. To provide traditional/cultural means of representation from the AA individual/group level to the AA World Service level.

4 To induce Native American Indian AA groups and peoples to work closely and confidently with the AA General Service Office and AA World Service.

5. To support the Native American people in obtaining sobriety through their own culture.

6. To provide service in concert with the Native American's traditional gathering(s).

So if you are interested, join up and lets start talking!

Indigenous Sobriety Group
Our Spirit: Sober-Strong. This group has been set up to enable Indigenous/Aboriginal people who are sober from alcohol and other drugs - to make contact and support each other. Our sober friends are welcome to join us too!

So if you are happy to stay sober - one day at a time - join up so we can support each others sobriety and recovery.

"Is it our right to drink or our responsibility to get sober? Aunty Mary Graham, an Elder from Brisbane said that in the old way we wouldn't have had a Human Rights Commission, we would had a Human Responsibilities Commission. We already knew we each had rights as humans, to eat, to have love, and to have water but what was more important was our responsibility to help each other to survive, to look after ourselves with dignity, to look after our Elders, our dreaming sites and lands. How can we look after our land if we are drunk? (HOPE Conference 1995)

So if you are interested, join up and lets start talking!

Revised January 2018