Awareness... Napi was going down the road one day and he looked over into this farmer's yard. He looked again because something caught his eye and he said to himself, "My, there is a little eagle there in with those chickens." Napi went over to the farmer and said, "Sir, did you know that you got an eagle out there with your chickens?" The farmer said, "No, that is not true." Then he said, "On second thought I'll tell you more about that day. I was over at the cliff side and I climbed up reached into this nest where there was an egg. I took this egg and I brought it back down to the farm. I put it in amongst the other eggs in this nest. The hen sat on those eggs and they all hatched and this little eagle grew up with the chickens. He plays with the chickens, he eats with them, he pecks with them, he squawks, and he does all of those, so he is a chicken. "Then Napi asked, "Can I try something?" The farmer gave permission to Napi. So Napi got the little eagle while standing up along the pen by the porch and held him up and kind of threw him up in the air. The little eagle then kind of rolled over and bounced of the ground squawked a little bit. Then went back over to the chickens to scratch and peck with them. So that night, Napi had a hard time because he kept thinking about that eagle. The next morning he could hardly wait, he was right back over there. He said, "Sir, let me try one more thing!" The farmer agreed to let Napi have his wish. So Napi took the little eagle back over along the cliff side. Then he held him up and said, "Creator, you have created this great bird with the freedom of spirit that was met to soar. One that was met to lift up with wings and be free, clean, pure, strong," and he just threw him out over into the space. He started to fall, he started to squawk, he kicked, he rolled around and he did that for about one thousand foot down. He got down to about two thousand foot and all of sudden he lifted and stretched his wings out. Then he began to bend upward, his journey started up and it went up and up. Napi watched this soaring upward, faster, onward up, until the eagle was completely out of sight. Now, sometimes in the cool of the evening, you can see this great bird come soaring down. He might land on a pole or he might come back and visit the chickens from a tall tree but Napi no longer sees the eagle in the yard, pecking and scratching... he is FREE.