I'm free... Napi was standing up on this hillside and he was kind of leaning against the tree. All of sudden Napi noticed this centipede come by where he was standing. The centipede with its many legs were in full stride as he passed Napi. About that time Napi looked down at him and said, " Oh my, you've got so many legs. How in the world do you know which one to move next?" The little centipede just froze up. He got to thinking about that... what leg to move next and suddenly he just could not move any. So the centipede was stuck in that very spot. Just about that time, there was a cloud cover over this meadow down off the hillside. Through this cloud cover there was a sliver of light coming down and it covered this meadow. This centipede gazed on that and then he felt released. He saw the beauty and the presence of that light. His little legs were free and they started to move as he headed on his way.