Friendship ... long ago back when people were given their first instrument, the drum, there was singing, playing, pounding and listening to Mother's heart beat (drum). They were rejoicing and feeling the joy of living. All of the birds and things gathered around to listen. They too wanted to join in, so bad, to the joy of this song. The word was given that the next day, the birds would be given song. The one that could fly the highest would be given the most beautiful song of all. That night they were all anticipating the day to see who would fly the highest. There was a little bird with wings about an inch long or so. His heart was just bursting out wanting to sing in joy. He knew he couldn't with his little wings so that night he crept up and snuck up under the wing of the great eagle and he stayed there. When the new day came they started out. The eagle just bounded up and started to fly. He started to fly with great strength and courage. He was aware of this little bird under his wing but he paid no attention he just moved upward and upward. Then soon all the birds had been left behind. He still carried that little one higher, higher and higher. They were way up and clean out of sight. The eagle's heart gave all the strength that he had in his wings and he lifted his wings with one last great thrust. Then that little bird leaped out, fluttered up a little bit higher and they both came down, down to earth. So the little bird flew higher than the eagle. The Creator blessed it with the most beautiful song. The great bird that carried him up so high that he touched the heart of Creator has been blessed ever since too. But the little bird felt shame and remorse. He didn't really understand the love of Creator even though he had his song in his heart. That little bird up north, you might hear him, he will be way back in the thickets by himself. He is called the Hermit Thrush. He shares a very special place in the heart of Creator and a very special bond with the great eagle.