Giving... this young Indian boy was going to boarding school. In fact, in those days, in boarding school you would go there and stay for nine or ten months at a time, then you could go home for a couple of months. But while at the boarding school, he got to really love his teacher. She was so nice and she just loved the dickens out of her students. He realized and knew that this teacher loved seashells like the big conch shell. So at the end of the year, he wanted to do something for his teacher, but he didn't have anything to give her. He knew that she loved shells so he went over to the ocean, he walked over there, it was about a twenty-mile distance and he found this beautiful shell. He came back over the weekend, when it came time for the end of school, and time for all the children to leave. Well he kind of hung back because he wanted to give his teacher this shell. So, after all had left, he came out and handed her this shell. She looked at it and it was just beautiful. She just really liked it and then all of a sudden she started to understand and realize what this little boy had gone through to get this shell... the distance he went. She looked at him and said, "You mean that you walked all the way over to the ocean and all the way back to give me this shell?" The little Indian boy looked at the teacher and you could kind of see a touch of a tear in his eye. He said, "The long walk is part of the gift!"