Grief... It is understood that loneliness is common among the People. We all long for our mother... Mother Earth. We come from our Mother and when we shall pass on we shall return to our Mother. It is so good to know this - for when we do, we become related to all things... and we come home to Mother Earth for rest. Have you ever wondered how Mother Earth feels for her children? Well, long ago in Apache land, land that is now called Arizona something took place that a lot of people don't know about. It concerns those real small, black, shiny rocks called Apache Tears. Have you ever wondered why they are called that and where they come from? Well, here is what happened. The Apache people were under attack, they were out numbered, and most of them had fallen. The elderly, the women and children were backed up against a cliff overlooking Salt River Canyon. Rather than allow themselves to be taken captive they started jumping off to their death - one, by one, by one. After it was over it wasn't long before the land... the whole cliffside started to cry, weep and morn. Those little shiny black rock-tears fell, hit bottom, and splattered into piles. To this day the rock-tears continue to fall on Apache land and through out the entire Southwest... people carry them away in bottles and in their pockets but the tears still come. Yes, the love of Mother for her children is alive... ever growing... ever evident for us to see, know, and embrace.