Humility... Years ago Napi as a youth was playing near the Canadian border in the area of Chief Mountain. As he was horsing around he looked up the mountain and saw a big rock had become dislodged and was tumbling down. Quick as a wink he jumped into what appeared to be a hole in the mountainside. He just made it when the rock came and slammed up against the opening and Napi was imprisoned in total darkness. After many minutes his eyes became accustomed to the dark and he saw what appeared to be an opening high in the ceiling. The opening was small and way up there but it was there and he could see daylight through it. Napi thought to himself, " Hey, there is no problem - I can handle it, I'll just pile up rocks and dirt 'till I reach the opening and crawl out." And so he began - feeling around the cavern gathering rocks and dirt and started piling them upward. The first day went by... the second day... the third day... the fourth day... and Napi continued to labor. The pile was high and Napi was getting weaker and weaker. At the end of the 5th day Napi lay weak and exhausted on top of the pile. He was without strength to make one more trip... he had reached the end of his rope - now he must go for it! The hole was almost within reach but not quite. Napi slowly rose to his feet. Balancing the best he could, he gathered all his remaining energy and gave a mighty jump. One hand shot up through the opening and clasped the rim but the earth around the rim started to crumble and he fell back. He rolled down the side of the pile... he knew this was the end... it was all over. He slammed back against the wall. He lay there in despair... weeping... broken... he had given it his best shot and it was over. But then he felt something... it felt like... yes, it was a hole. It was just large enough for him to enter on his belly. He wiped his tears and slithered along in the complete darkness. As he slithered he knew something was happening... he knew... he knew... he knew he was going to make it. He slithered on and on. All of a sudden he felt a cool breeze move across his face and ears... then he saw it... an opening, small in diameter but he saw the stars glittering... the milky way. And out he came, exhausted, laying flat on Mother Earth looking up... knowing he was free, no longer imprisoned - but truly truly free!!!