Insight... one day Napi was walking down the along the creek. He was going along and as he came around this bend in the creek along the bank, there up above him were some berries. They were just beautiful berries. As Napi was walking around this bend the water stilled and he looked down. There he saw those berries reflecting in the water and they looked so good. Napi said, "Oh I'm going to get me some of those." Right then he jumped into the water and went after those berries. He flopped around in the water and couldn't find them. So Napi came back out of the water and stood there on the bank, wondering what went wrong. Then the water stilled out again and he looked back down upon the water and once again the berries were there, just right in front of him. He said well I'm going to get them this time so he hooked up some rocks, then tied them around himself and got all weighted down. Napi jumped in the water again and down again he went splashing around looking and darn near drowned himself this time. He just barely got out and was lying on the bank burping water. As he was lying there he opened his eyes and looked up. There, up there, were the berries. You know they were there all that time and he was chasing a reflection. Then Napi started to get angry over that and got his strength back. He was mad because the berries eluded him and he was chasing a reflection. He went up there got a stick and just pounded on the berry tree. That is kind of the story among Indian people for how they gathered berries and got them to fall to the ground ... also the understanding of this is good.