"All My Relations" - permission to use artwork from Sam E.


The Native American Indian General Service Office of Alcoholics Anonymous functions to provide a vision of recovery, unity and service to the more than 500 sovereign Indian Nations in North America, which are recognized by the Federal Government. Please browse the links for information about our purpose, services, events and how to register with us.


How NAIGSO-AA supports you:

  • Provides contact point for information on AA activities happening in Indian Country.

  • Establishes and maintains a Native American AA Directory of Groups and individuals (loners).

  • Provides traditional/cultural means of representation from the AA group and individual level to the world services level and return.

  • Supports Native American sovereignty and self-determination.

  • Structures and encourages the Native American fellowship of AA to incorporate Native American customs into the order of AA meetings and gatherings.

  • Provides service in concert with the Native American's traditional manner of gathering(s).

  • NAIGSO-AA will travel and participate in Indian AA Council Gatherings.

How you can support NAIGSO-AA:

  • The NAIGSO-AA arrived where we are today through the dedicated assistance of a few AA groups and AA members who have contributed hundreds and hundreds of dollars and volunteered many, many hours of personal time to lay the framework to provide service to the Native American alcoholic. As a labor of love, they have shouldered the expense of the groups and individuals yet to come in order to support the vision given to Earl L., in which the NAIGSO plays a key part.

  • Register your AA group. Register as an individual member (loner). Indicate your desire to be included in Native American AA Directory. We do ask that all groups contribute routinely to NAIGSO - no matter what the amount - and that each individual member on his or her sobriety birthday contribute one dollar per "recovery" year to NAIGSO-AA.