Service... A council gathering of the elders and leaders of the village was in progress. "The land is dry, the earth cracked, the grass is dying, nothing is growing, food is scarce. What can we do? We have taken from Mother Earth... we have taken, taken, taken... we have not respected her... we have been wrong... what can we do?" As the elders and leaders in turn spoke around the circle understanding and awareness came. "We must respect our mother, we must give back... we must give back... we must humble ourselves and give of what we have... we must give our very, very best." Although not allowed in the circle a little girl had snuck up close enough to hear these words and pondered them in her heart. That night she clutched her buckskin doll and snuck out of her bed taking her most prized and loved possession to the top of the hill. There she made a fire, lifted her heart in all four directions and burned her doll. Then by the light of the moon she walked back and forth crossed the valley sprinkling the ashes. The morning star came and right behind it the sun made its way across the valley announcing a new day. When the People awoke they couldn't believe their eyes... the whole valley was abundant with flowers.