Uniqueness ... once upon a time Napi decided to start a school and it was going to be for the animals. Napi planned to include in the studies swimming, climbing, flying and running. All those animals where going to take all of those classes and learn those things. Now the duck, was good in swimming and he was pretty fair in flying but he was just terrible in running. As a result the duck was forced to drop his swimming class and stay after school so he could practice his running. He kept this up until he was only average in swimming but average was okay and that was acceptable and the others were no longer threatened by his swimming abilities, so that was pretty cool. So everybody felt more comfortable except the duck, I guess. Now the eagle, well he was somewhat of a problem from the very beginning. In climbing he beat everybody to the top of the tree but he did it in his own way. He flatly refused to climb it, he had to be severely disciplined and then he was so uncooperative in swimming classes that he finally had to be kicked out for insubordination. Now the rabbit, he started at the top of his class in running, but he was obviously not up to speed in other areas. In fact, he almost broke his leg trying to fly by using his ears as wings. Finally he had so much make up work to do in swimming that he had a nervous break down and he had to drop out. Now the turtle, that's another story, he was a failure in about everything. Napi thought, well his shell is probably the primary cause of this dismal performance so he removed it. This helped his running a bit but unfortunately he became the first casualty of the school when a horse stepped on him. By the end of the school, it didn't look like it was panning out too well, no real success. It seemed now that all the animals where either doing average, sick, or dead. Anyway, so it went in the school of Napi for the animals.