Unity... Many, many years ago turtle was the designated "keeper of the waters." You could see him as he swam about his duties. His shell was made up of solid plates of red, black, white, or yellow color. He was very distinctive and visible. All the animals respected and honored the turtle... all except one, 'ole coyote.' One day turtle was out sunning himself and coyote came along and ate turtle up. Of course all the waters, ponds, streams, and rivers started to dry up and become stale and unclean. The animals hurriedly gathered from all four directions to coyote and pleaded, "Please, please bring back turtle... surely we will all perish... the waters... the cool clear water... please, please..." So coyote finally conceded and "threw-up" turtle. The animals immediately began to piece turtle back together the best they could. It worked. The shell came together to become a beautiful mosaic blend of many, many colors... extremely shiny and beautiful. Each plate shined with the remains and debris of all the colors. And sure enough turtle came back to life. And when he did, the water came back, too. The waters flowed again... tumbling down from the mountains and rippling out clear, clean, and pure.