Daily Readings From the AA Lodge

Note: The "Daily Readings From the AA Lodge" manuscript is available free of charge to AA members at their request. You may request a written manuscript, a CD or a flashdrive device The CD and flashdrive files are in a PDF format.
 Submit your request to NAIGSO-AA GM generalmanager@naigso-aa.org.  or by calling  256-762-0329

This manuscript is being printed and distributed to AA members solely for the purpose of consideration and approval by those members, the General Service Conference of Alcoholics Anonymous, the General Service Board of Alcoholics Anonymous, and Alcoholics Anonymous World Services. As the AA General Service Office serving Native American alcoholics, we believe printing and distributing this manuscript is the only way to achieve this goal and an important way to provide the AA Vision of Service as given to Earl L which is the foundation of the Native American Indian General Service Office of Alcoholics Anonymous.   

There is absolutely no intent to publish and distribute this book as a commercial venture or for any monetary gain. Our only desire is to produce a volume which will reach a people who have been devastated by the destruction of alcoholism and often find it difficult to understand AA’s spiritual message as presented in its current literature. We believe there is no better way to achieve this goal than to use quotes directly from AAWS copyright material along with the teachings from our Native American elders, some of which are centuries old. Since we have been denied permission to use their copyright material and  this manuscript has been offered to and rejected by AA's General Service Board and AAWS, we feel duty-bound by Earl L’s vision to pursue publication of this manuscript. In order to do this in a good way it must be presented to the AA membership as a whole for approval. When approval is acheived NAIGSO will give all rights to AAWS.

We need your help to keep Earl's vision alive through the printing and distribution of this manuscript! If you would like to contribute to our effort to continue to provide the manuscript free-of-charge to anyone wishing a copy please visit our Contributions link and send in your contribution. This is an encrypted, secure page which gives you a safe, easy method to send a contribution to Earl's vision of AA service to Native Americans and any alcoholic wishing to include Native American traditions and customs into their AA recovery program.

Ron S. compiled many of the quotes from the elders used herein through years of searching through thousands of books, most not readily available except in research libraries. His desire is to be of service to alcoholics, Native and others, and to introduce all to the wisdom of Native culture, which is consistent with AA's teachings of recovery. Ron S. has graciously given NAIGSO his permission to make use of his portion of this labor of love in order to be of service to you. Although many of the elder's quotes came from Ron's research the complete package of quotes used herein came together through the service of an anonymous member and his use of numerous other sources.

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  Daily Readings From the AA Lodge to Indian Peoples.

Below is a video of Don and Sylvia presenting the manuscript to Indian peoples and all alcoholcs. Don and Sylvia were elders and  co-founders of NAIGSO-AA, along with being long-time members of Alcoholics Anonymous from the Sioux Nations. Don always used to say, "I'd like to introduce my wife, Sylvia, We drank together, we made love together and we fought together!" Perhaps watching this video will help us all to better uderstand the struggle many Indian alcoholics have finding sobriety through the principals and traditions of AA as presented in its "Conference Approved" literature.

Don and Sylvia have since passed into the spirit realm. May they watch over us for years to come and may their families be blessed by all their hard work while they travelled in this realm.


Watch as Don & Sylia presentation of  the "Daily Readings From the AA Lodge" manuscript to the Indian Nations

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This link is not intended to imply affiliation with any other organization and does not constitute any more violation of AA traditions than individual AA groups excepting free meeting spaces or New York GSO's exceptance of financial kickbacks from the municipalities who host the AA International convention, in fact no money is involved!! It is just the best a simple man can do to get the job done in order to honor Don & Sylvia's desire to share the AA message and how it has come together
in this manuscript for Indian Peoples............!!!!!