Daily Readings From the AA Lodge


Note: The "Daily Readings From the AA Lodge" CD or a written manuscript are available (free of charge) to AA members at their request. Submit your request to NAIGSO-AA GM generalmanager@naigso-aa.org.


This manuscript is being printed and distributed to AA members solely for the purpose of consideration and approval by those members, the General Service Conference of Alcoholics Anonymous, the General Service Board of Alcoholics Anonymous, and Alcoholics Anonymous World Services. As the AA General Service Office serving Native American alcoholics, we believe printing and distributing this manuscript is the only way to achieve this goal and an important way to provide the AA Vision of Service as given to Earl L which is the foundation of the Native American Indian General Service Office of Alcoholics Anonymous.   

There is absolutely no intent to publish and distribute this book as a commercial venture or for any monetary gain. Our only desire is to produce a volume which will reach a people who have been devastated by the destruction of alcoholism and often find it difficult to understand AAs spiritual message as presented in its current literature. We believe there is no better way to achieve this goal than to use quotes directly from AAWS copyright material along with the teachings from our Native American elders, some of which are centuries old. Since we have been denied permission to use their copyright material and  this manuscript has been offered to and rejected by AA's General Service Board and AAWS, we feel duty-bound by Earl Ls vision to pursue publication of this manuscript. In order to do this in a good way it must be presented to the AA membership as a whole for approval. When approval is acheived NAIGSO will give all rights to AAWS.

We need your help to keep Earl's vision alive through the printing and distribution of this manuscript! If you would like to contribute to our effort to continue to provide the manuscript free-of-charge to anyone wishing a copy please visit our Contributions link and send in your contribution. This is an encrypted, secure page which gives you a safe, easy method to send a contribution to Earl's vision of AA service to Native Americans and any alcoholic wishing to include Native American traditions and customs into their AA recovery program.

Ron S. compiled many of the quotes from the elders used herein through years of searching through thousands of books, most not readily available except in research libraries. His desire is to be of service to alcoholics, Native and others, and to introduce all to the wisdom of Native culture, which is consistent with AA's teachings of recovery. Ron S. has graciously given NAIGSO his permission to make use of his portion of this labor of love in order to be of service to you. Although many of the elder's quotes came from
Ron's research the complete package of quotes used herein came together through the service of an anonymous member and his use of numerous other sources.

9-24-22Don Jose Huichol, Sierra Madre

9-23-22Roy W.


9-21-22Vine Deloria Jr., Lakota

9-20-22Tom Porter, Mohawk

9-19-22Leon Shenandoah,  Onondaga

9-18-22Dekanawidah, Iroquois

9-17-22Walking Elk, Santee

9-16-22Fools Crow, Lakota

9-15-22Wabasha, Lakota

9-14-22Najagneq, Eskimo

9-13-22Iglulik Eskimo Proverb

9-12-22Black Hawk, Sauk


9-10-22Chief Joseph, Nex Perce

9-09-22Thomas Banyacya, Hopi

9-08-22He Dog, Oglala Lakota

9-07-22Fools Crow, Lakota

9-06-22R. Carlos Nakai, Navajo-Ute

9-05-22Noble Red Man




9-01-22Canio-dai-io, Seneca

8-31-22Clifton Charles, Mojave

8-30-22Forest Carter, Cherokee

8-29-22Sitting Bull

8-28-22Tecumseh, Shawnee

8-27-22Black Elk,Lakota

8-26-22Elder of Shongopoui, Hopi

8-25-22Matthew King, Lakota

8-24-22Lakota Wisdom

8-23-22Chief Washakie, Shoshone

8-22-22Okanicon, Delaware

8-21-22Alford Wilson, Shawnee

8-20-22Kanakuk, Kickapoo

8-19-22Como, Potawatomi

8-18-22Sitting Bull, Hunkpapa Sioux

8-17-22Joe Coyhis, Stockbridge-Munsee

8-16-22Qwatsinas (Heredity Chief Edward Moody), Nuxalk Nation

8-15-22Black Elk, Lakota Medicine Man

8-14-22Seneca Prayer

8-13-22Rolling Thunder, Cherokee

8-12-22Jose Maria, Pacific Anadark

8-11-22Linda Hogan, Chickasaw

8-10-22Ga-ne-odi-yo, Iroquois

8-09-22Chuck Ross, Lakota

8-08-22Ira Hayes, Pima

8-07-22Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

8-06-22Haida Gwaii, Traditional Circle of Elders

8-05-22Thomas Yellowtail, Crow

8-04-22Archie Fire Lame Deer, Lakota

8-03-22Vicki Downey, Tewa/Tuseque Pueblo

8-02-22Traditional Circle of Elders

8-01-22Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

7-31-22Uncle Frank Davis (quoting his mother), Pawnee


7-29-22Fools Crow, Lakota


7-27-22Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

7-26-22Oren Lyons, Onondaga

7-25-22Brian Maracle, Mohawk

7-24-22Cochise, Apache

7-23-22Pontiac, Ottawa

7-22-22Iron Eyes Cody

7-21-22Chief Lowrey, Cherokee

7-20-22Joe S., Jemez Pueblo

7-19-22Black Elk, Lakota


7-17-22Sitting Bull, Hunkapapa Lakota

7-16-22Sitting Bull, Lakota

7-15-22AA Grapevine-July 1979, Saulteaux

7-14-22Fools Crow, Lakota

7-13-22Black Elk, Lakota

7-12-22Sitting Bull, Lakota

7-11-22Pontiac, Ottawa

7-10-22Wilma Mankiller, Cherokee

7-09-22Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

7-08-22From the Sixth Philosophy of the Gathering of Native American Men

7-07-22Wilma Mankiller, Cherokee

7-06-22Burgess Roye, Ponca

7-05-22Tecumseh, Shawnee

7-04-22Dekanawidah, Iroquois

7-03-22Fools Crow, Lakota

7-02-22Handsome Lake, Iroquois

7-01-22Louis Farmer, Onondaga

6-30-22Joe Coyhis, Stockbridge-Munsee

6-29-22To-Te-Pukenga, Maori

6-28-22Joy Harjo, Creek-Cherokee

6-27-22Squ-sact-un, Squaxin

6-26-22Al, Cherokee

6-25-22Hiawatha, Iroquois

6-24-22Fools Crow, Lakota

6-23-22Peau de Chat, Ojibway

6-22-22Barney Bush, Shawnee

6-21-22Howard Rainer, Taos Pueblo-Creek

6-20-22Little Raven, Arapaho

6-19-22Kanakuk, Kickapoo

6-18-22Joe Coyhis, Stockbridge-Munsee

6-17-22Senachwine, Potawatomi

6-16-22Horace Axtell, Nez Perce

6-15-22Leonard F, AA Grapvine  July 2002

6-14-22Iroquois Constitution

6-13-22Pima Legend

6-12-22Lelia Fisher, HOH

6-11-22Matthew King, Lakota

6-10-22Leonard George, Chief Councilor

6-09-22Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

6-08-22Sun Bear, Chippewa

6-07-22Okanicon, Delaware

6-06-22Walks in the Rain, Winnebago

6-05-22Decori, Winnebago

6-04-22Tom Porter, Mohawk

6-03-22Tenkswataya, Shawnee

6-02-22Itgag, Yupik

6-01-22George Webb, Pima

5-31-22Tecumseh, Shawnee

5-30-22John F Bryde, Lakota

5-29-22Luther Standing Bear, Oglala Sioux

5-28-22Haida Gwaii, Traditional Circle of Elders

5-27-22Clifton Charles, Mojave

5-26-22Liz, Odawa

5-25-22Nippawanock, Arapahoe

5-24-22Rolling Thunder, Cherokee

5-23-22Spotted Tail, Lakota

5-22-22Papoonon, Delaware 1755


5-20-22High Hollow Horn, Lakota

5-19-22Satanta, Kiowa

5-18-22Black Elk (Hehaka Sapa), Oglala

5-17-22Torline, Navajo

5-16-22Polingaysi Q'yawayma, Hopi

5-15-22Billy Mills, Lakota

5-14-22Talaskwaptiwa, Hopi

5-13-22Starleaf, Shinnecock

5-12-22Hiawatha, Iroquois Confederacy

5-11-22Grandmother of Charles Eastman, Santee Sioux


5-09-22Tecumseh, Shawnee

5-08-22Soso-ho-wa, Iroquois

5-07-22Tatanga Mani (Walking Buffalo), Stoney

5-06-22Hiawatha, Iroquois Confederacy

5-05-22Taos Pueblo

5-04-22Leonard George, Chief Councilor

5-03-22Chute-pa-lu, Nez Perce

5-02-22Ohiyesa, Lakota

5-01-22Robert Spott, Yurok

4-30-22Archie Fire Lame Deer, Lakota

4-29-22John Ross, Cherokee

4-28-22Haida Gwaii, Traditional Circle of Elders

4-27-22Elaine Ramos, Tlingit

4-26-22Luther Standing Bear, Oglala Sioux

4-25-22Henry Quick Bear, Lakota

4-24-22Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

4-23-22Cecilia Mitchell, Mohawk

4-22-22Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

4-21-22Sarah Winnemucca, Paiute

4-20-22Turtle Heart, Delaware

4-19-22Rachael Naomi Remem, Holistic Healer

4-18-22Dr. A. C. Ross (Ehanamani), Lakota

4-17-22Navdowessie, Lakota


4-15-22Henry Quick Bear, Lakota

4-14-22White Shield, Arikara

4-13-22Dekanawidah, Iroquois

4-12-22Thomas Yellowtail, Crow

4-11-22Pretty Shield, Crow


4-09-22Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

4-08-22Peau de Chat, Ojbway

4-07-22David Monogye, Hopi

4-06-22Joseph Bruchac, Abenaki

4-05-22Kote Kotah, Chumash

4-04-22Tenieya, Miwok

4-03-22Larry P. Aitken, Chippewa

4-02-22Red Jacket, Seneca

4-01-22C. Montezuma, Yavapai

3-31-22John Peters (Slow Turtle), Wampanoag


3-29-22Skanientariio, Six Nations


3-27-22Alfonso Ortiz, San Juan Pueblo

3-26-22Howling Wolf, Arapaho

3-25-22Cochise, Apache

3-24-22Red Cloud, Lakota

3-23-22Charles A. Eastman  (Ohiyesa), Santee Sioux

3-22-22Chief Joseph, Nez Perce

3-21-22Little Crow, Lakota

3-20-22Traditional Circle of Elders, Northern Cheyenne

3-19-22Thomas Yellowtail, Crow

3-18-22Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

3-17-22Kanakuk, Kickapoo

3-16-22Nippawanock, Arapahoe


3-14-22Cornplanter, Iroquois

3-13-22Oren R. Lyons, Spokesman Traditional Circle of Elders

3-12-22Leonard George, Chief Councilor

3-11-22Fools Crow, Lakota

3-10-22Jerome K., Lakota

3-09-22Geronimo, Apache

3-08-22Dona Josefa Medrano, Huichol

3-07-22F. Parkman, About the Iroquois Confederacy

3-06-22Stanley Paytiamo, Acoma Pueblo

3-05-22Petalesharo, Pawnee

3-04-22Willaru Huayta, Quechua Nation

3-03-22President Thomas Jefferson,  "Letter to Handsome Lake"

3-02-22Handsome Lake, Iroquois


2-28-22Rolling Thunder, Cherokee

2-27-22Pachacutee, Inca

2-26-22Willaru Huayta, Quechua Nation

2-25-22Wasn-mani, Lakota

2-24-22Asad-a-wa, Wichita

2-23-22Skanientariio, Iroquois

2-22-22Lame Deer, Lakota

2-21-22Red Jacket, Seneca

2-20-22Iroquois "Traditional Teachings"

2-19-22Deadly Medicine, Creek

2-18-22Willaru Huayta, Quechua Nation

2-17-22Occom, Mohegan

2-16-22Chief Luther Standing Bear, Sioux

2-15-22Traditional Cieclew of Elders, Onondaga

2-14-22Thomas Yellowtail, Crow

2-13-22Walking Buffalo, Stoney

2-12-22Wallace Black,  Lakota

2-11-22Cleone Thunder, Northern Arapahoe

2-10-22Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

2-09-22Thomas Yellowtail, Crow

2-08-22Thomas Yellowtail, Crow

2-07-22Las Casas


2-05-22Chief Luther Standing Bear, Sioux

2-04-22Rolling Thunder, Cherokee

2-03-22Tshut-che-nac, Kansas

2-02-22Lame Deer, Lakota

2-01-22J. S. Hifler, Cherokee

1-31-22Haida Gwaii, Traditional Circle of Elders

1-30-22Sitting Bull, Teton Sioux

1-29-22Pueblo Declaration

1-28-22David Monongye, Hopi

1-27-22Chief Wasson, Ojibway

1-26-22James St. Louis, Delaware

1-25-22Paula Weasel Head, Blood

1-24-22Great Blue Heron, Ojibway

1-23-22Delegation Spokesperson, Hopi

1-22-22Blackfoot Crow

1-21-22Satank, Kiowa

1-20-22Tocmetone, Paiute

1-19-22Cochise, Apache

1-18-22Tenskwatawa, Shawnee

1-17-22Cocooche, Seminole

1-16-22Cree  1993

1-15-22John (Fire) Lame Deer, Lakota Sioux

1-14-22Sacred Hoop

1-13-22Pop Chalee, Taos Pueblo

1-12-22Waskn Mani

1-11-22Mary Hayes, Clayoquot

1-10-22Hiawatha, Iroquois

1-09-22Walks-in-the-Rain, Winnebago


1-07-22Rich, Santee Lakota

1-06-22Chief Joseph, Nez Perce

1-05-22Traditional Circle of Elders, Northern Cheyenne

1-04-22Chief Seattle, Dwamish

1-03-22Tenskwatawa, Shawnee

1-02-22Archie Fire Lame Deer, Lakota

1-01-22Okute, Teton Sioux

12-31-21Hiawatha, Iroquois Confederacy

12-30-21J Hifler, Cherokee

12-29-21Traditional Circle of Elders, Northern Cheyenne

12-28-21Canasatego, Mohawk

12-27-21Hiawatha, Iroquois

12-26-21Hiawatha, Iroquois

12-25-21Two Leggings, Crow

12-24-21Michael Kabotie, Hopi

12-23-21Wallace Black Elk, Lakota


12-21-21Chute-pa-lu, Nez Perce

12-20-21Fools Crow, Lakota

12-19-21J S Hifler, Cherokee

12-18-21Vine Deloria Jr., Lakota

12-17-21Shining Arrows, Crow

12-16-21Dekanawidah, Iroquois

12-15-21Blue Bird, Lower Brule Lakota

12-14-21Geronimo, Apache

12-13-21Kanigut, Tuscarora

12-12-21Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

12-11-21Ga-ne-odi-yo, Iroquois

12-10-21Paula Weasel Head, Blood

12-09-21Tom White Cloud, Ojibway

12-08-21Chief Joseph, Nez Perce

12-07-21Dekanawidah, Iroquois

12-06-21Black Elk, Lakota

12-05-21George Webb, Pima

12-04-21High Hollow Horn, Lakota

12-03-21Turtleheart, Teton Sioux

12-02-21Dr. Lori Gruiso, Navajo

12-01-21Wendy Rose, Hopi-Miwok

11-30-21Sogoyewapha, "Red Jacket", Seneca

11-29-21Teedyuschung, Delaware

11-28-21Black Elk (1863-1950), Oglala Sioux Holy Man

11-27-21Irving Powless Sr., Onondaga

11-26-21Leon Shenandoah, Onondaga

11-25-21Oren Lyons, Onondaga

11-24-21Eagle Chief  (Letakos-Lesa), Pawnee

11-23-21Zitkala- Sa

11-22-21Red Cloud (Makhpiya-luta) April 1870

11-21-21Luther Standing Bear, Oglala Sioux

11-20-21Lone Man (Isna-la-wica)

11-19-21Chief Joseph, Nex Perce

11-18-21Chief Joseph, Nez Perce

11-17-21Chief Dan George, Skokomish

11-16-21Wovoka, Paiute

11-15-21Black Hawk, Sauk

11-14-21Chief Luther Standing Bear, Oglala Sioux

11-13-21.Black Elk, Oglala Sioux

11-12-21Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

11-11-21Big Elk, Omaha Chief

11-10-21Charles Alexander Eastman Ohiyesa, Santee Sioux

11-09-21Larry P. Aitken, Chippewa

11-08-21Wabasha, Lakota Santee

11-07-21Iron Eyes Cody

11-06-21Charles Alexander Eastman  Ohiyesa, Santee Sioux

11-05-21Chief Joseph, Nez Perce

11-04-21Sitting Bull

11-03-21Joe Coyhis, Stockbridge-Munsee

11-02-21Hunbatz Men, Mayan

11-01-21Matthew King, Lakota

10-31-21"The Honor of All"  Alkali Lake

10-30-21Barney Bush, Shawnee

10-29-21Chief Oren Lyons, Onondaga

10-28-21Joe Coyhis, Stockbridge-Munsee

10-27-21Fools Crow, Lakota

10-26-21Sitting Bull, Lakota

10-25-21Fools Crow, Lakota


10-23-21Fools Crow, Lakota

10-22-21Fools Crow, Lakota

10-21-21Fools Crow, Lakota

10-20-21Thomas Mails, Lakota

10-19-21Luther Standing Bear, Oglala Sioux

10-18-21Oren R. Lyons, Spokesman Traditional Circle of Elders

10-17-21Sitting Bull, Sioux

10-16-21Ethel Wilson, Cowichan

10-15-21Matthew King, Lakota

10-14-21Black Elk, Oglala Sioux

10-13-21Archie Fire Lame Deer, Lakota

10-12-21Traditional Circle of Elders

10-11-21Sitting Bull, Sioux

10-10-21Thomas Yellowtail, Crow

10-09-21Fools Crow, Lakota

10-08-21Cecilia Mitchell, Mohawk

10-07-21Cochise "Like Ironweed", Chiracahua Apache

10-06-21Mourning Dove [Christine Quintasket] (1888-1936), Salish

10-05-21Linda Hogan, Chickasaw

10-04-21Chased-By-Bears, Santee-Yanktonia Sioux

10-03-21Louis Farmer, Onondaga

10-02-21Tecumseh, Shawnee

10-01-21Charlie Knight, Ute

9-30-21Ralph Hotwea, Hopi

9-29-21Geronimo, Chiracahua Apache


9-27-21Pushmatata, Choctaw

9-26-21Pied Riche, Potawatomi

9-25-21Kanakuk, Kickapoo

9-24-21Don Jose Huichol, Sierra Madre

9-23-21Roy W.


9-21-21Vine Deloria Jr., Lakota

9-20-21Tom Porter, Mohawk

9-19-21Leon Shenandoah, Onondaga

9-18-21Dekanawidah, Iroquois

9-17-21Walking Elk, Santee

9-16-21Fools Crow, Lakota

9-15-21Wabasha, Lakota

9-14-21Najagneq, Eskimo

9-13-21Iglulik Eskimo Proverb

9-12-21Black Hawk, Sauk


9-10-21Chief Joseph, Nez Perce

9-09-21Thomas Banyacya, Hopi

9-08-21He Dog, Oglala Lakota

9-07-21Fools Crow, Lakota

9-06-21R. Carlos Nakai, Navajo-Ute

9-05-21Noble Red Man




9-01-21Canio-dai-io, Seneca

8-31-21Clifton Charles, Mojave

8-30-21Forest Carter, Cherokee

8-29-21Sitting Bull

8-28-21Tecumseh, Shawnee

8-27-21Black Elk, Lakota

8-26-21Elder of Shongopoui, Hopi

8-25-21Matthew King, Lakota

8-24-21Lakota Wisdom

8-23-21Chief Washakie, Shoshone

8-22-21Okanicon, Delaware

8-21-21Alford Wilson, Shawnee

8-20-21Kanakuk, Kickapoo

8-19-21Como, Potawatomi

8-18-21Sitting Bull, Hunkpapa Sioux

8-17-21Joe Coyhis, Stockbridge-Munsee

8-16-21Qwatsinas (Heredity Chief Edward Moody), Nuxalk

8-15-21Black Elk, Lakota Medicine Man

8-14-21Seneca Prayer

8-13-21Rolling Thunder, Cherokee

8-12-21Jose Maria, Pacific Anadark

8-11-21Linda Hogan, Chickasaw

8-10-21Ga-ne-odi-yo, Iroquois

8-09-21Chuck Ross, Lakota

8-08-21Ira Hayes, Pima

8-07-21Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

8-06-21Haida Gwaii, Traditional Circle of Elders

8-05-21Thomas Yellowtail, Crow

8-04-21Archie Fire Lame Deer, Lakota

8-03-21Vickie Downey, Tewa/Tesuque Pueblo

8-02-21Traditional Circle of Elders

8-01-21Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

7-31-21Uncle Frank Davis (quoting his mother), Pawnee


7-29-21Fools Crow, Lakota


7-27-21Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

7-26-21Oren Lyons, Onondaga

7-25-21Brian Maracle, Mohawk

7-24-21Cochise, Apache

7-23-21Pontiac, Ottawa

7-22-21Iron Eyes Cody

7-21-21Chief Lowrey, Cherokee

7-20-21Joe S., Jemez Pueblo

7-19-21Black Elk, Lakota


7-17-21Sitting Bull, Hunkapapa Lakota

7-16-21Sitting Bull, Lakota

7-15-21AA Grapevine-July 1979, Saulteaux

7-14-21Fools Crow, Lakota

7-13-21Black Elk, Lakota

7-12-21Sitting Bull, Lakota

7-11-21Pontiac, Ottawa

7-10-21Wilma Mankiller, Cherokee

7-09-21Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

7-08-21From the Sixth Philosophy of the Gathering of Native American Men

7-07-21Wilma Mankiller, Cherokee

7-06-21Burgess Roye, Ponca

7-05-21Tecumseh, Shawnee

7-04-21Dekanawidah. Iroquois

7-03-21Fools Crow, Lakota

7-02-21Handsome Lake, Iroquois

7-01-21Louis Farmer, Onondaga

6-30-21Joe Coyhis, Stockbridge-Munsee

6-29-21To-Te-Pukenga, Maori

6-28-21Joy Harjo, Creek-Cherokee

6-27-21Squ-sact-un, Squaxin

6-26-21Al, Cherokee

6-25-21Hiawatha, Iroquois

6-24-21Fools Crow, Lakota

6-23-21Peau de Chat, Ojibway

6-22-21Barney Bush, Shawnee

6-21-21Howard Rainer, Taos Pueblo-Creek

6-20-21Little Raven, Arapaho

6-19-21Kanakuk, Kickapoo

6-18-21Joe Coyhis, Stockbridge-Munsee

6-17-21Senachwine, Potawatomi

6-16-21Horace Axtell, Nez Perce

6-15-21Leonard F., AA Grapevine 2002

6-14-21Iroquois Constitution

6-13-21Pima Legend

6-12-21Lelia Fisher, HOH

6-11-21Matthew King, Lakota

6-10-21Leonard George, Chief Councilor

6-09-21Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

6-08-21Sun Bear, Chippewa

6-07-21Okanicon, Delaware

6-06-21Walks in the Rain, Winnebago

6-05-21Decori, Winnebago

6-04-21Tom Porter, Mohawk

6-03-21Tenkswataya, Shawnee

6-02-21Itgag, Yupik

6-01-21George Webb, Pima

5-31-21Tecumseh, Shawnee

5-30-21John F Bryde, Lakota

5-29-21Luther Standing Bear, Oglala Sioux

5-28-21Haida Gwaii, Traditional Circle of Elders

5-27-21Clifton Charles, Mojave

5-26-21Liz, Odawa

5-25-21Nippawanock, Arapahoe

5-24-21Rolling Thunder, Cherokee

5-23-21Spotted Tail, Lakota

5-22-21Papoonon, Delaware 1755


5-20-21High Hollow Horn, Lakota

5-19-21Santanta, Kiowa

5-18-21Black Elk (Hehaka Sapa), Oglala

5-17-21Torline, Navajo

5-16-21Polingaysi Q'yawayma, Hopi

5-15-21Billy Mills, Lakota

5-14-21Talaskwaptiwa, Hopi

5-13-21Starleaf, Shinnecock

5-12-21Hiawatha, Iroquois Confederacy

5-11-21Grandmother of Charles Eastman, Santee Sioux


5-09-21Tecumseh, Shawnee

5-08-21Soso-ho-wa, Iroquois

5-07-21Tatanga Mani (Walking Buffalo), Stoney

5-06-21Hiawatha, Iroquois Confederacy

5-05-21Taos Pueblo

5-04-21Leonard George, Chief Councilor

5-03-21Chute-pa-lu, Nez Perce

5-02-21Ohiyesa, Lakota

5-01-21Robert Spott, Yurok

4-30-21Archie Fire Lame Deer, Lakota

4-29-21John Ross, Cherokee

4-28-21Haida Gwaii, Traditional Circle of Elders

4-27-21Elaine Ramos, Tlingit

4-26-21Luther Standing Bear, Oglala Sioux

4-25-21Henry Quick Bear, Lakota

4-24-21Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

4-23-21Cecilia Mitchell, Mohawk

4-22-21Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

4-21-21Sarah Winnemucca, Paiute

4-20-21Turtle Heart, Delaware

4-19-21Rachael Naomi Remem, Holistic Healer

4-18-21Dr. A. C. Ross (Ehanamani), Lakota

4-17-21Navdowessie, Lakota

4-16-21White Shield, Arikara

4-15-21Henry Quick Bear, Lakota

4-14-21White Shield, Arikara

4-13-21Dekanawidah, Iroquois

4-12-21Thomas Yellowtail, Crow

4-11-21Pretty Shield, Crow


4-09-21Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

4-08-21Peau de Chat, Ojibway

4-07-21David Monongye, Hopi

4-06-21Joseph Bruchac, Abenaki

4-05-21Kote Kotah, Chumash

4-04-21Tenieya, Miwok

4-03-21Larry P. Aitken, Chippewa

4-02-21Red Jacket, Seneca

4-01-21C. Montezuma, Yavapai

3-31-21John Peters (Slow Turtle), Wampanoag


3-29-21Skanientariio, Six Nations


3-27-21Alfonso Ortiz, San Juan Pueblo

3-26-21Howling Wolf, Arapaho

3-25-21Cochise, Apache

3-24-21Red Cloud, Lakota

3-23-21Charles A. Eastman (Ohiyesa), Santee Sioux

3-22-21Chief Joseph, Nez Perce

3-21-21Little Crow, Lakota

3-20-21Traditional Circle of Elders, Northern Cheyenne

3-19-21Thomas Yellowtail, Crow

3-18-21Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

3-17-21Kanakuk, Kickapoo

3-16-21Nippawanock, Arapahoe


3-14-21Cornplanter, Iroquois

3-13-21Oren R. Lyons, Spokesman  Traditional Circle of Elders

3-12-21Leonard George, Chief Councilor

3-11-21Fools Crow, Lakota

3-10-21Jerome K., Lakota

3-09-21Geronimo, Apache

3-08-21Dona Josefa Medrano, Huichol

3-07-21F. Parkman, About the Iroquois Confederacy

3-06-21Stanley Paytiamo, Acoma Pueblo

3-05-21Petalesharo, Pawnee

3-04-21Willaru Huayta, Quechua Nation

3-03-21President Thomas Jefferson, "Letter to Handsome Lake"

3-02-21Handsome Lake, Iroquois


2-28-21Rollimg Thunder, Cherokee

2-27-21Pachacutee, Inca

2-26-21Willaru Huayta, Quechua Nation

2-25-21Wasn-mani, Lakota

2-24-21Asad-a-wa, Wichita

2-23-21Skanientariio, Iroquois

2-22-21Lame Deer, Lakota

2-21-21Red Jacket, Seneca

2-20-21Iroquois "Traditional Teachings"

2-19-21Deadly Medicine, Creek

2-18-21Willaru  Huayta, Quechua Nation

2-17-21Occom, Mohegan

2-16-21Chief Luther Standing Bear, Sioux

2-15-21Traditional Circle of Elders, Onondaga

2-14-21Thomas Yellowtail, Crow

2-13-21Walking Buffalo, Stoney

2-12-21Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

2-11-21Cleone Thunder, Northern Arapahoe

2-10-21Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

2-09-21Thomas Yellowtail, Crow

2-08-21Thomas Yellowtail, Crow

2-07-21Las Casas


2-05-21Chief luther Standing Bear, Sioux

2-04-21Rolling Thunder, Cherokee

2-03-21Tshut-che-nac, Kansas

2-02-21Lame Deer, Lakota

2-01-21J. S. Hifler, Cherokee

1-31-21Haida Gwaii, Traditional Circle of Elders

1-30-21Sitting Bull, Teton Sioux

1-29-21Pueblo Declaration

1-28-21David Monongye, Hopi

1-27-21Chief Wasson, Ojibway

1-26-21James St. Louis,  Delaware

1-25-21Paula Weasel Head, Blood

1-24-21Great Blue Heron, Ojibway

1-23-21Delegation Spokesperson, Hopi

1-22-21Blackfoot Crow

1-21-21Satank, Kiowa

1-20-21Tocmetone, Paiute

1-19-21Cochise, Apache

1-18-21Tenskwatawa, Shawnee

1-17-21Cocooche, Seminole

1-16-21Cree, 1993

1-15-21John (Fire) Lame Deer, Lakota Sioux

1-14-21Sacred Hoop

1-13-21Pop Chalee, Taos Pueblo

1-12-21Waskn Mani

1-11-21Mary Hayes, Clayoquot

1-10-21Hiawatha, Iroquois

1-09-21Walks-in-the-Rain, Winnebago


1-07-21Rich, Santee Lakota

1-06-21Chief Joseph, Nez Perce

1-05-21Traditional Circle of Elders, Northern Cheyenne

1-04-21Chief Seattle, Dwamish

1-03-21Tenskwatawa, Shawnee

1-02-21Archie Fire Lame Deer, Lakota

1-01-21Okute, Teton Sioux

12-31-20Hiawatha, Iroquois Confederacy

12-30-20J Hifler, Cherokee

12-29-20Traditional Circle of Elders, Northern Cheyenne

12-28-20Canasatego, Mohawk

12-27-20Hiawatha, Iroquois

12-26-20Hiawatha, Iroquois

12-25-20Two Leggings, Crow

12-24-20Michael Kabotie, Hopi

12-23-20Wallace Black Elk, Lakota


12-21-20Chute-pa-lu, Nez Perce

12-20-20Fools Crow, Lakota

12-19-20J S Hifler, Cherokee

12-18-20Vine Deloria Jr., Lakota

12-17-20Shining Arrows, Crow

12-16-20Dekanawidah, Iroquois

12-15-20Blue Bird, Lower Brule Lakota

12-14-20Geronimo, Apache

12-13-20Kanigut, Tuscarora

12-12-20Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

12-11-20Ga-ne-odi-yo, Iroquois

12-10-20Paula Weasel Head, Blood

12-09-20Tom White Cloud, Ojibway

12-08-20Chief Joseph, Nez Perce

12-07-20Dekanawidah, Iroquois

12-06-20Black Elk, Lakota

12-05-20George Webb, Pima

12-04-20High Hollow Horn, Lakota

12-03-20Turtle Heart, Teton Sioux

12-02-20Dr. Lori Gruiso, Navajo

12-01-20Wendy Rose, Hopi-Miwok

11-30-20Sogoyewapha, "Red Jacket" - Seneca

11-29-20Teedyuschung, Delaware

11-28-20Black Elk (1863-1950), Oglala Sioux Holy Man

11-27-20Irving Powless Sr., Onondaga

11-26-20Leon Shenandoah, Onondaga

11-25-20Oren Lyons, Onondaga

11-24-20Eagle Chief (Letakos-Lesa), Pawnee


11-22-20Red Cloud (Makhpiya-luta), April 1870

11-21-20Luther Standing Bear, Oglala Sioux

11-20-20Lone Man (Isna-la-wica)

11-19-20Chief Joseph, Nez Perce

11-18-20Chief Joseph, Nez Perce

11-17-20Chief Dan George, Skokomish

11-16-20Wovoka, Paiute

11-15-20Black Hawk, Sauk

11-14-20Chief Luther Standing Bear, Oglala Sioux

11-13-20Black Elk, Oglala Sioux

11-12-20Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

11-11-20Big Elk, Omaha Chief

11-10-20Charles Alexander Eastman  Ohiyesa, Santee Sioux

11-09-20Larry P. Aitken, Chippewa

11-08-20Wabasha, Lakota Santee

11-07-20Iron Eyes Cody

11-06-20Charles Alexander Eastman  Ohiyesa, Santee Sioux

11-05-20Chief Joseph, Nez Perce

11-04-20Sitting Bull

11-03-20Joe Coyhis, Stockbridge-Munsee

11-02-20Hunbatz Men, Mayan

11-01-20Matthew King, Lakota

10-31-20"The Honor of All,"  Alkali Lake

10-30-20Barney Bush, Shawnee

10-29-20Chief Oren Lyons, Onondaga

10-28-20Joe Coyhis, Stockbridge-Munsee

10-27-20Fools Crow, Lakota

10-26-20Sitting Bull, Lakota

10-25-20Fools Crow,  Lakota


10-23-20Fools Crow, Lakota

10-22-20Fools Crow, Lakota

10-21-20Fools Crow, Lakota

10-20-20Thomas Mails, Lakota

10-19-20Luther Standing Bear, Oglala Sioux

10-18-20Oren R. Lyons, Traditional Circle of Elders

10-17-20Sitting Bull, Sioux

10-16-20Ethel Wilson, Cowichan

10-15-20Matthew King, Lakota

10-14-20Black Elk, Oglala Sioux

10-13-20Archie Fire Lame Deer, Lakota

10-12-20Traditional Circle of Elders

10-11-20Sitting Bull, Sioux

10-10-20Thomas Yellowtail, Crow

10-09-20Fools Crow, Lakota

10-08-20Cecilia Mitchell, Mohawk

10-07-20Cochise "Like Ironweed", Chiricahua Apache

10-06-20Mourning Dove [Christine Quintasket] (1888-1936), Salish

10-05-20Linda Hogan, Chickasaw

10-04-20Chased-By-Bears, Santee-Yantonia Sioux

10-03-20Louis Farmer, Onondaga

10-02-20Tecumseh, Shawnee

10-01-20Charlie Knight, Ute

9-30-20Ralph Hotwea, Hopi

9-29-20Geronimo, Chiracahua Apache


9-27-20Pushmatata, Choctaw

9-26-20Pied Riche, Potawatomi

9-25-20Kanakuk, Kickapoo

9-24-20Don Jose Huichol, Sierra Madre

9-23-20Roy W.


9-21-20Vine Deloria Jr., Lakota

9-20-20Tom Porter, Mohawk

9-19-20Leon Shenandoah, Onondaga

9-18-20Dekanawidah, Iroquois

9-17-20Walking Elk, Santee

9-16-20Fools Crow, Lakota

9-15-20Wabasha, Lakota

9-14-20Najagneq, Eskimo

9-13-20Iglulik Eskimo Proverb

9-12-20Black Hawk, Sauk


9-10-20Chief Joseph, Nez Perce

9-09-20Thomas Banyacya, Hopi

9-08-20He Dog, Oglala Lakota

9-07-20Fools Crow, Lakota

9-06-20R. Carlos Nakai, Navajo-Ute

9-05-20Noble Red Man




9-01-20Canio-dai-io, Seneca

8-31-20Clifton Charles, Mojave

8-30-20Forest Carter, Cherokee

8-29-20Sitting Bull

8-28-20Tecomseh, Shawnee

8-27-20Black Elk, Lakota

8-26-20Elder of Shongopoui, Hopi

8-25-20Matthew King, Lakota

8-24-20Lakota Wisdom

8-23-20Chief Washakie, Shoshone

8-22-20Okanicon, Delaware

8-21-20Alford Wilson, Shawnee

8-20-20Kanakuk, Kickapoo

8-19-20Como, Potawatomi

8-18-20Sitting Bull, Hunkpapa Sioux

8-17-20Joe Coyhis, Stockbridge-Munsee

8-16-20Qwatsinas (Heredity Chief Edward Moody), Nuxalk Nation

8-15-20Black Elk, Lakota Medicine Man

8-14-20Seneca Prayer

8-13-20Rolling Thunder, Cherokee

8-12-20Jose Maria, Pacific Anadark

8-11-20Linda Hogan, Chickasaw

8-10-20Ga-ne-odi-yo, Iroquois

8-09-20Chuck Ross, Lakota

8-08-20Ira Hayes, Pima

8-07-20Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

8-06-20Haida Gwaii, Traditional Circle of Elders

8-05-20Thomas Yellowtail, Crow

8-04-20Archie Fire Lame Deer, Lakota

8-03-20Vickey Downey, Tewa/Tesuque Pueblo

8-02-20Traditional Circle of Elders

8-01-20Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

7-31-20Uncle Frank Davis (quoting his mother), Pawnee


7-29-20Fools Crow, Lakota


7-27-20Wallace Black Elk, lakota

7-26-20Oren Lyons, Onondaga

7-25-20Brian Maracle, Mohawk

7-24-20Cochise, Apache

7-23-20Pontiac, Ottawa

7-22-20Iron Eyes Cody

7-21-20Chief Lowrey, Cherokee

7-20-20Joe S., Jemez Pueblo

7-19-20Black Elk, Lakota


7-17-20Sitting Bull, Hunkapapa Lakota

7-16-20Sitting Bull, Lakota

7-15-20AA Grapevine- July 1979, Saulteaux

7-14-20Fools Crow, Lakota

7-13-20Black Elk, Lakota

7-12-20Sitting Bull, Lakota

7-11-20Pontiac, Ottawa

7-10-20Wilma Mankiller, Cherokee

7-09-20Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

7-08-20From the Sixth Philosophy of the Gathering of Native American Men

7-07-20Wilma Mankiller

7-06-20Burgess Roye, Ponca

7-05-20Tecumseh, Shawnee

7-04-20Dekanawidah, Iroquois

7-03-20Fools Crow, Lakota

7-02-20Handsome Lake, Iroquois

7-01-20Louis Farmer, Onondaga

6-30-20Joe Coyhis, Stockbridge-Munsee

6-29-20To-Te-Pukenga, Maori

6-28-20Joy Harjo, Creek-Cherokee

6-27-20Squ-sact-un, Squaxin

6-26-20Al, Cherokee

6-25-20Hiawatha, Iroquois

6-24-20Fools Crow, Lakota

6-23-20Peau de Chat, Ojibway

6-22-20Barney Bush, Shawnee

6-21-20Howard Rainer, Taos Pueblo-Creek

6-20-20Little Raven, Arapaho

6-19-20Kanakuk, Kickapoo

6-18-20Joe Coyhis, Stockbridge-Munsee

6-17-20Senachwine, Potawatomi

6-16-20Horace Axtell, Nez Perce

6-15-20Leonard F, AA Grapevine July 2002

6-14-20Iroquois Constitution

6-13-20Pima Legend

6-12-20Lelia Fisher, HOH

6-11-20Matthew King, Lakota

6-10-20Leonard George, Chief Councilor

6-09-20Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

6-08-20Sun Bear, Chippewa

6-07-20Okanicon, Delaware

6-06-20Walks in the Rain, Winnebago

6-05-20Decori, Winnebago

6-04-20Tom Porter, Mohawk

6-03-20Tenskwataya, Shawnee

6-02-20Itgag, Yupik

6-01-20George Webb, Pima

5-31-20Tecumseh, Shawnee

5-30-20John F Bryde, Lakota

5-29-20Luther Standing Bear, Oglala Sioux

5-28-20Haida Gwaii, Traditional Circle of Elders

5-27-20Clifton Charles, Mojave

5-26-20Liz, Odawa

5-25-20Nippawanock, Arapahoe

5-24-20Rolling Thunder, Cherokee

5-23-20Spotted Tail, Lakota

5-22-20Papoonon, Delaware  1755


5-20-20High Hollow Horn, Lakota

5-19-20Satanta, Kiowa

5-18-20Black Elk (Hehaka Sapa),Oglala

5-17-20Torline, Navajo

5-16-20 Polingaysi, Q'yawayma, Hopi

5-15-20Billy Mills, Lakota

5-14-20Talaskwaptiwa, Hopi

5-13-20Starleaf, Shinnecock

5-12-20Hiawatha, Iroquois Confederacy

5-11-20Grandmother of Charles Eastman, Santee Sioux


5-09-20Tecumseh, Shawnee

5-08-20Soso-ho-wa, Iroquois

5-07-20Tatanga Mani (Walking Buffalo), Stoney

5-06-20Hiawatha, Iroquois Confederacy

5-05-20Taos Pueblo

5-04-20Leonard George, Chief Councilor

5-03-20Chute-pa-lu, Nez Perce

5-02-20Ohiyesa, Lakota

5-01-20Robert Spott, Yurok

4-30-20Archie fire Lame Deer, Lakota

4-29-20John Ross, Cherokee

4-28-20Haida Gwaii, Traditional Circle of Elders

4-27-20Elaine Ramos, Tlingit

4-26-20Luther Standing Bear, Oglala Sioux

4-25-20Henry Quick Bear, Lakota

4-24-20Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

4-23-20Cecilia Mitchell, Mohawk

4-22-20Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

4-21-20Sarah Winnemucca, Paiute

4-20-20Turtle Heart, Delaware

4-19-20Rachael Naomi Remem, Holistic Healer

4-18-20Dr. A. C. Ross (Ehanamani), Lakota

4-17-20Navdowessie, (Lakota)


4-15-20Henry Quick Bear, Lakota

4-14-20White Shield, Arikara

4-13-20Dekanawidah, Iroquois

4-12-20Thomas Yellowtail, Crow

4-11-20Pretty Shield, Crow


4-09-20Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

4-08-20Peau de Chat, Ojibway

4-07-20David Monongye, Hopi

4-06-20Joseph Bruchac, Abenaki

4-05-20Kote Kotah, Chumash

4-04-20Tenieya, Miwok

4-03-20Larry P. Aitken, Chippewa

4-02-20Red Jacket, Seneca

4-01-20C. Montezuma, Yavapai

3-31-20John Peters (Slow Turtle), Wampanoag


3-29-20Skanientariio, Six Nations


3-27-20Alfonso Ortiz, San Juan Pueblo

3-26-20Howling Wolf, Arapaho

3-25-20Cochise, Apache

3-24-20Red Cloud, Lakota

3-23-20Charles A. Eastman (Ohiyesa), Santee Sioux

3-22-20Chief Joseph, Nez Perce

3-21-20Little Crow, Lakota

3-20-20Traditional Circle of Elders, Northern Cheyenne

3-19-20Thomas Yellowtail, Crow

3-18-20Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

3-17-20Kanakuk, Kickapoo

3-16-20Nippawanock, Arapahoe


3-14-20Cornplanter, Iroquois

3-13-20Oren R. Lyons, Spokesman Traditional Circle of Elders

3-12-20Leonard George, Chief Councilor

3-11-20Fools Crow, Lakota

3-10-20Jerome K., Lakota

3-09-20Geronimo, Apache

3-08-20Dona Josefa Medrano, Huichol

3-07-20F. Parkman, About the Iroquois Confederacy

3-06-20Stanley Paytiamo, Acoma Pueblo

3-05-20Petalesharo, Pawnee

3-04-20Willaru Huaytu, Quechua Nation

3-03-20President Thomas Jefferson, "Letter to Handsome Lake"

3-02-20Handsome Lake, Iroquois


2-29-20Larry P. Aitken, Chippewa

2-28-20Rolling Thunder, Cherokee

2-27-20Pachacutee, Inca

2-26-20Willaru Huayta, Quechua Nation

2-25-20Wasn-mani, Lakota


2-23-20Skanientariio, Iroquois

2-22-20Lame Deer, Lakota

2-21-20Red Jacket, Seneca

2-20-20Iroquois "Traditional Teachings"

2-19-20Deadly Medecine, Creek

2-18-20Willaru Huayta, Quechua Nation

2-17-20Occom, Mohegan

2-16-20Chief Luther Standing Bear, Sioux

2-15-20Traditional Circle of Elders, Onondaga

2-14-20Thomas Yellowtail, Crow

2-13-20Walking Buffalo, Stoney

2-12-20Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

2-11-20Cleone Thunder, Northern Arapahoe

2-10-20Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

2-09-20Thomas Yellowtail, Crow

2-08-20Thomas Yellowtail, Crow

2-07-20Las Casas


2-05-20Chief Luther Standing Bear, Sioux

2-04-20Rolling Thunder, Cherokee

2-03-20Tshut-che-nac, Kansas

2-02-20Lame Deer, Lakota

2-01-20J. S. Hifler, Cherokee

1-31-20Haida Gwaii Traditional Circle of Elders

1-30-20Sitting Bull, Teton Sioux

1-29-20Pueblo Declaration

1-28-20David Monongye, Hopi

1-27-20Chief Wasson, Ojibway

1-26-20James St. Louis, Delaware

1-25-20Paula Weasel Head, Blood

1-24-20Great Blue Heron, Ojibway

1-23-20Delegation Spokesperson, Hopi

1-22-20James St. Louis, Delaware

1-21-20Satank, Kiowa

1-20-20Tocmetone, Paiute

1-19-20Cochise, Apache

1-18-20Tenskwatawa, Shawnee

1-17-20Cocooche, Seminole

1-16-20Cree 1993

1-15-20John (Fire) Lame Deer, Lakota Sioux

1-14-20Sacred Hoop

1-13-20Pop Chalee, Pueblo

1-12-20Waskn Mani

1-11-20Mary Hayes, Clayoquot


1-09-20Walks-in-the-Rain, Winnebago


1-07-20Rich, Santee Sioux

1-06-20Chief Joseph, Nez Perce

1-05-20Traditional Circle of Elders, Northern Cheyenne

1-04-20Chief Seattle, Dwamish

1-03-20Tenskwatawa, Shawnee

1-02-20Archie File Lame Deer

1-01-20Okute, Teton Sioux

12-31-19Hiawatha, Iroquios Confederacy

12-30-19J F Hifler, Cherokee

12-29-19Traditional Circle of Elders, Northern Cheyenne

12-28-19Canasatego, Mohawk

12-27-19Hiawatha, Iroquois

12-26-19Hiawatha, Iroquois

12-25-19Two Leggings, Crow

12-24-19Michael Kabotie, Hopi

12-23-19Wallace Black Elk, Lakota


12-21-19Chute-pa-lu, Nez Perce

12-20-19Fools Crow, Lakota

12-19-19J S Hifler, Cherokee

12-18-19Vine Deloria Jr., Lakota

12-17-19Shining Arrows, Crow

12-16-19Dekanawidah, Iroquois

12-15-19Blue Bird, Lower Brule Lakota

12-14-19Geronimo, Apache

12-13-19Kanigut, Tuscarora

12-12-19Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

12-11-19Ga-ne-odi-yo, Iroquois

12-10-19Paula Weasel Head, Blood

12-09-19Tom White Cloud, Ojibway

12-08-19Chief Joseph, Nez Perce

12-07-19Dekanawidah, Iroquois

12-06-19Black Elk, Lakota

12-05-19George Webb, Pima

12-04-19High Hollow Horn, Lakota

12-03-19Turtleheart, Teton Sioux

12-02-19Dr Lori Gruiso, Navajo

12-01-19Wendy Rose, Hopi-Miwok

11-30-19Sogoyewapha, "Red Jacket", Seneca   

11-29-19Teedyuschung, Delaware

11-28-19Black Elk, (1863-1950), Oglala Sioux Holy Man

11-27-19Irving Powless Sr., Onondaga

11-26-19Leon Shenandoah, Onondaga

11-25-19Oren Lyons, Onondaga

11-24-19Eagle Chief
(Letakos-Lesa), Pawnee


11-22-19Red Cloud
(Makhpiya-luta), April 1870

11-21-19Luther Standing Bear, Oglala Sioux

11-20-19Lone Man (Isna-la-wica)

11-19-19Chief Joseph, Nez Perce

11-18-19Chief Joseph, Nez Perce

11-17-19Chief Dan George, Skokomish

11-16-19Wovoka, Paiute

11-15-19Black Hawk, Sauk

11-14-19Chief Luther Standing Bear, Oglala Sioux

11-13-19Black Elk, Oglala Sioux

11-12-19Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

11-11-19Big Elk, Omaha Chief

Charles Alexander Eastman Ohiyesa, Santee Sioux

11-09-19Larry P. Aitken, Chippewa

11-08-19Wabasha, Lakota Santee

11-07-19Iron Eyes Cody

11-06-19Charles Alexander Eastman Ohiyesa, Santee Sioux

11-05-19Chief Joseph, Nez Perce

11-04-19Sitting Bull

11-03-19Joe Coyhis, Stockbridge-Munsee

11-02-19Hunbatz Men, Mayan

11-01-19Matthew King, Lakota

10-31-19"The Honor of All," Alkali Lake

10-30-19Barney Bush, Shawnee

10-29-19Chief Oren Lyons, Onondaga

10-28-19Joe Coyhis, Stockbridge-Munsee

10-27-19Fools Crow, Lakota

10-26-19Sitting Bull, Lakota

10-25-19Fools Crow, Lakota


10-23-19FoolsCrow, Lakota

10-22-19Fools Crow, Lakota

10-21-19Fools Crow, Lakota

10-20-19Thomas Mails, Lakota

10-19-19Luther Standing Bear, Oglala Sioux

10-18-19Oren R. Lyons, Spokesman, Traditional Circle of Elders

10-17-19Sitting Bull, Sioux

10-16-19Ethel Wilson, Cowichan

10-15-19Matthew King, Lakota

10-14-19Black Elk, Oglala Sioux

10-13-19Archie Fire Lame Deer, Lakota

10-12-19Traditional Circle of Elders

10-11-19Sitting Bull, Sioux

10-10-19Thomas Yellowtail, Crow

10-09-19Fools Crow, Lakota

10-08-19Cecilia Mitchell, Mohawk

10-07-19Cochise  "Like Ironweed", Chiricahua Apache

10-06-19Mourning Dove [Christine Quintasket] (1888-1936), Salish

10-05-19Linda Hogan, Chickasaw

10-04-19Chased-By-Bears, Santee-Yanktonia Sioux

10-03-19Louis Farmer, Onondaga

10-02-19Tecumseh, Shawnee

10-01-19Charlie Knight, Ute

9-30-19Ralph Hotwea, Hopi

9-29-19Geronimo, Chiracahua Apache


9-27-19Pushmatata, Choctaw

9-26-19Pied Riche, Potawatomi

9-25-19Kanakuk, Kickapoo

9-24-19Don Jose Huichol, Sierra Madre

9-23-19Roy W.


9-21-19Vine Deloria, Jr., Lakota

9-20-19Tom Porter, Mohawk

9-19-19Leon Shenandoah, Onongada

9-18-19Dekanawidah, Iroquois

9-17-19Walking Elk, Santee

9-16-19Fools Crow, Lakota

9-15-19Wabasha, Lakota

9-14-19Najagneq, Eskimo

9-13-19Iglulik Eskimo Proverb

9-12-19Black Hawk, Sauk


9-10-19Chief Joseph, Nez Perce

9-09-19Thomas Banyacya, Hopi

9-08-19He Dog, Oglala Sioux

9-07-19Fools Crow, Lakota

9-06-19R. Carlos Nakai, Navajo-Ute

9-05-19Noble Red Man




9-01-19Canio-dai-io, Seneca

8-31-19Clifton Charles, Mojave

8-30-19Forest Carter, Cherokee

8-29-19Sitting Bull

8-28-19Tecumseh, Shawnee

8-27-19Black Elk, Lakota

8-26-19Elder of Shongopoui, Hopi

8-25-19Matthew King, Lakota

8-24-19Lakota Wisdom

8-23-19Chief Washakie, Shoshone

8-22-19Okanicon, Delaware

8-21-19Alford Wilson, Shawnee

8-20-19Kanakuk, Kickapoo

8-19-19Como, Potawatami

8-18-19Sitting Bull, Hunkapapa Sioux

8-17-19Joe Coyhis, Stockbridge-Munsee

8-16-19Qwatsinas (Heredity Chief Edward Moody), Nuxalk Nation

8-15-19Black Elk, Lakota Medicine Man

8-14-19Seneca Prayer

8-13-19Rolling Thunder, Cherokee

8-12-19Jose Maria, Pacific Anadark

8-11-19Linda Hogan, Chickasaw

8-10-19Ga-ne-odi-yo, Iroquois

8-09-19Chuck Ross, Lakota

8-08-19Ira Hayes, Pima

8-07-19Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

8-06-19Haida Gwaii, Traditional Circle of Elders

8-05-19Thomas Yellowtail, Crow

8-04-19Archie Fire Lame Deer, Lakota

8-03-19Vickie Downey, Tewa/Tesuque Pueblo

8-02-19Traditional Circle of Elders

8-01-19Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

7-31-19Uncle Frank Davis (quoting his mother), Pwnee


7-29-19Fools Crow, Lakota


7-27-19Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

7-26-19Oren Lyons, Onondaga

7-25-19Brian Maracle, Mohawk

7-24-19Cochise, Apache

7-23-19Pontiac, Ottawa

7-22-19Iron Eyes Cody

7-21-19Chief Lowrey, Cherokee

7-20-19Joe S., Jemez Pueblo

7-19-19Black Elk, Lakota


7-17-19Sitting Bull, Hunkapapa Lakota

7-16-19Sitting Bull, Lakota

7-15-19AA Grapevine, July 1979 Saulteaux

7-14-19Fools Crow, Lakota

7-13-19Black Elk, Lakota

7-12-19Sitting Bull, Lakota

7-11-19Pontiac, Ottawa

7-10-19Wilma Mankiller, Cherokee

7-09-19Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

7-08-19From the Sixth Philosphy of the Gathering of Native American Men

7-07-19Wilma Mankiller,Cherokee

7-06-19Burgess Roye, Ponca

7-05-19Tecumseh, Shawnee

7-04-19Dekanawidah, Iroquois

7-03-19Fools Crow, Lakota

7-02-19Handsome Lakeside, Iroquois

7-01-19Louis Famer, Onondaga

6-30-19Joe Coyhis, Stockbridge-Munsee

6-29-19To-Te-Pukenga, Maori

6-28-19Joy Harjo, Creek-Cherokee

6-27-19Squ-sact-un, Squaxin

6-26-19Al, Cherokee

6-25-19Hiawatha, Iroquois

6-24-19Fools Crow, Lakota

6-23-19Peau de Chat, Ojibway
6-22-19Barney Bush, Shawnee

6-21-19Howard Rainer, Taos Pueblo-Creek

6-20-19Little Raven, Arapaho

6-19-19Kanakuk, Kickapoo

6-18-19Joe Coyhis, Stockbridge-Munsee

6-17-19Senachwine, Potawatomi

6-16-19Horace Axtell, Nez Perce

6-15-19Leonard F, AA Grapevine, July 2002

6-14-19Iroquois Constitution

6-13-19Pima Legend

6-12-19Lelia Fisher, HOH

6-11-19Matthew King, Lakota

6-10-19Leonard George, Chief Councilor

6-09-19Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

6-08-19Sun Bear, Chippewa

6-07-19Okanicon, Delaware

6-06-19Walks in the Rain, Winnebago

6-05-19Decori, Winnebago

6-04-19Tom Porter, Mohawk

6-03-19Tenkswataya, Shawnee

6-02-19Itgag, Yupik

6-01-19George Webb, Pima

5-31-19Tecumseh, Shawnee

5-30-19John F Bryde, Lakota

5-29-19Luther Standing Bear, Oglala Sioux

5-28-19Haida Gwaii, Traditional Circle of Elders

5-27-19Clifton Charles, Mojave

5-26-19Liz, Odawa

5-25-19Nippawanock, Arapahoe

5-24-19Rolling Thunder, Cherokee

5-23-19Spotted Tail, Lakota

5-22-19Papoonon, Delaware 1755


5-20-19High Hollow Horn, Lakota

5-19-19Santanta, Kiowa

5-18-19Black Elk, (Hehaka Sapa), Oglala

5-17-19Torline, Navajo

5-16-19Polyingaysi  Q'yawayma, Hopi

5-15-19Billy Mills, Lakota

5-14-19Talaskwaptiwa, Hopi

5-13-19Starleaf, Shinnecock

5-12-19Hiawatha, Iroquois Confederacy

5-11-19Grandmother of Charles Eastman, Santee Sioux


5-09-19Tecumseh, Shawnee

5-08-19Soso-ho-wa, Iroquois

5-07-19Tatangi Mani (Walking Buffalo), Stoney

5-06-19Hiawatha, Iroquois Confederacy

5-05-19Taos Pueblo

5-04-19Leonard George, Chief Councilor

5-03-19Chute-pa-lu, Nez Perce

5-02-19Ohiyesa, Lakota

5-01-19Robert Spott, Yurok

4-30-19Archie Fire Lame Deer, Lakota

4-29-19John Ross, Cherokee

4-28-19Haida Gwaii, Traditional Circle of Elders

4-27-19Elaine Ramos, Tlingit

4-26-19Luther Standing Bear, Oglala Sioux

4-25-19Henry Quick Bear, Lakota

4-24-19Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

4-23-19Cecilia Mitchell, Mohawk

4-22-19Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

4-21-19Sarah Winnemucca, Paiute

4-20-19Turtle Heart, Delaware

4-19-19Rachael Naomi Remem, Holistic Healer

4-18-19Dr. A. C. Ross (Ehanamani), Lakota

4-17-19Navdowessie (Lakota)


4-15-19Henry Quick Bear, Lakota

4-14-19White Shield, Arikara

4-13-19Dekanawidah, Iroquois

4-12-19Thomas Yellowtail, Crow

4-11-19Pretty Shield, Crow


4-09-18Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

4-08-19Peau de Chat, Ojibway

4-07-19David Monongye, Hopi

4-06-19Joseph Bruchac, Abenaki

4-05-19Kote Kotah, Chumash

4-04-19Tenieya, Miwok

4-03-19Larry P. Aitken, Chippewa

4-02-19Red Jacket, Seneca

4-01-19C. Montezuma, Yavapai

3-31-19John Peters (Slow Turtle), Wampanoag


3-29-19Skanientariio, Six Nations


3-27-19Alfonso Ortiz, San Juan Pueblo

3-26-19Howling Wolf, Arapaho

3-25-19Cochise, Apache

3-24-19Red Cloud, Lakota

3-23-19Charles A. Eastman (Ohiyesa), Santee Sioux

3-22-19Chief Joseph, Nez Perce

3-21-19Little Crow, Lakota

3-20-19Traditional Circle of Elders, Northern Cheyenne

3-19-19Thomas Yellowtail, Crow

3-18-19Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

3-17-19Kanakuk, Kickapoo

3-16-19Nippawanock, Arapahoe


3-14-19Cornplanter, Iroquois

3-13-19Oren R. Lyons, Spokesman Traditional Circle of Elders

3-12-19Leonard George, Chief Councilor

3-11-19Fools Crow, Lakota

3-10-19Jerome K., Lakota

3-09-18Geronimo, Apache

3-08-19Dona Josefa Medrano, Huichol

3-07-19F. Parkman, About the Iroquois Confederacy

3-06-19Stanley Paytiamo, Acoma Pueblo

3-05-19Petalesharo, Pawnee

3-04-19Willaru Huayta, Quechua Nation

3-03-19President Thomas Jefferson,  "Letter to Handsome Lake"

3-02-19Handsome Lake, Iroquois


2-28-19Rolling Thunder, Cherokee

2-27-19Pachacutee, Inca

2-26-19Willaru Huayta, Quechua Nation

2-25-19Wasn-mani, Lakota

2-24-19Asad-a-wa, Wichita

2-23-19Skanientariio, Iroquois

2-22-19Lame Deer, Lakota

2-21-19Red Jacket, Seneca

2-20-19Iroquois "Traditional Teachings"

2-19-19Deadly Medicine, Creek

2-18-19Willaru Huayta, Quechua Nation

2-17-19Occom, Mohegan

2-16-19Chief Luther Standing Bear, Sioux

2-15-19Traditional Circle of Elders, Onondaga

2-14-19Thomas Yellowtail, Crow

2-13-19Walking Buffalo, Stoney

2-12-19Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

2-11-19Cleone Thunder, Northern Arapahoe

2-10-19Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

2-09-19Thomas Yellowtail, Crow

2-08-19Thomas Yellowtail, Crow

2-07-19Las Casas


2-05-19Chief Luther Standing Bear, Sioux

2-04-19Rolling Thunder, Cherokee

2-03-19Tshut-che-nac, Kansas

2-02-19Lame Deer, Lakota

2-01-19J.S. Hifler, Cherokee

1-31-19Haida Gwaii, Traditional Circle of Elders

1-30-19Sitting Bull, Teton Sioux

1-29-19Pueblo Declaration

1-28-19David Monongye, Hopi

1-27-19Chief Wasson, Ojibway

1-26-19James St. Louis, Delaware

1-25-19Paula Weasel Head, Blood

1-24-19Great Blue Heron, Ojibway

1-23-19Delegation Spokesperson, Hopi

1-22-19James St. Lious, Delaware

1-21-19Santank, Kiowa

1-20-19Tocmetone, Paiute

1-19-19Cochise, Apache

1-18-19Tenskwatawa, Shawnee

1-17-19Cocooche, Seminole

1-16-19Cree  1993

1-15-19John (Fire) Lame Deer, Lakota Sioux

1-14-19Sacred Hoop

1-13-19Pop Chalee, Taos Pueblo

1-12-19Waskn Mani

1-11-19Mary Hayes, Clayoquot

1-10-19Hiawatha, Iroquois

1-09-19Walks-in-the-Rain, Winnebago


1-07-19Rich, Santee Sioux

1-06-19Chief Joseph, Nez Perce

1-05-19Traditional Circle of Elders, Northern Cheyenne

1-04-19Chief Seattle, Dwamish

1-03-19Tenskwatawa, Shawnee

1-02-19Archie Fire Lame Deer, Lakota

1-01-19Okute, Teton Sioux

12-31-18Hiawatha, Iroquois Confederacy

12-30-18J Hifler, Cherokee

12-29-18Traditional Circle of Elders, Northern Cheyenne

12-28-18Canasatego. Mohawk

12-27-18Hiawatha, Iroquois

12-26-18Hiawatha, Iroquois

12-25-18Two Leggings, Crow

12-24-18Michael Kabotie, Hopi

12-23-18Wallace Black Elk, Lakota


12-21-18Chute-pa-lu, Nez Perce

12-20-18Fools Crow, Lakota

12-19-18J S Hifler, Cherokee

12-18-18Vine Deloria Jr., Lakota

12-17-18Shing Arrows, Crow

12-16-18Dekanawidah, Iroquois

12-15-18Blue Bird, Lower Brule Lakota

12-14-18Geronimo, Apache

12-13-18Kanigut, Tuscarora

12-12-18Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

12-11-18Ga-ne-odi-yo, Iroquois

12-10-18Paula Weasel Head, Blood

12-09-18Tom White Cloud, Ojibway

12-08-18Chief Joseph, Nez Perce

12-07-18Dekanawidah, Iroquois

12-06-18Black Elk, Lakota

12-05-18George Webb, Pima

12-04-18High Hollow Horn, Lakota

12-03-18Turtleheart, Teton Sioux

12-02-18Dr. Lori Gruiso, Navajo

12-01-18Wendy Rose, Hopi-Miwok

11-30-18Sogoyewapha, "Red Jacket" - Seneca

11-29-18Teedyuschung, Delaware

11-28-18Black Elk (1863-1950), Oglala Sioux Holy Man

11-27-18Irving Powless Sr., Onondaga

11-26-18Leon Shenandoah, Onondaga

11-25-18Oren Lyons, Onondaga

11-24-18Eagle Chief (Letakos-Lesa), Pawnee


11-22-18Red Cloud (Makhpiya-luta), April 1870

11-21-18Luther Standing Bear, Oglala Sioux

11-20-18Lone Man (Isna-la-wica)

11-19-18Chief Joseph, Nez Perce

11-18-18Chief Joseph, Nez Perce

11-17-18Chief Dan George, Skokomish

11-16-18Wovoka, Paiute

11-15-18Black Hawk, Sauk

11-14-18Chief Luther Standing Bear, Oglala Sioux

11-13-18Black Elk, Oglala Sioux

11-12-18Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

11-11-18Big Elk, Omaha Chief

11-10-18Charles Alexander Eastman, Ohiyesa, Santee Sioux

11-09-18Larry P. Aitken, Chippewa

11-08-18Wabasha, Lakota Santee

11-07-18Iron Eyes Cody

11-06-18Charles Alexander Eastman, Ohiyesa, Santee Sioux

11-05-18Chief Joseph, Nez Perce

11-04-18Sitting Bull

11-03-18Joe Coyhis, Stockbridge-Munsee

11-02-18Hunbatz Men, Mayan

11-01-18Matthew King, Lakota

10-31-18"The Honor of All,"  Alkali Lake

10-30-18Barney Bush, Shawnee

10-29-18Chief Oren Lyons, Onondaga

10-28-18Joe Coyhis, Stockbridge-Munsee

10-27-18Fools Crow, Lakota

10-26-18Sitting Bull, Lakota

10-25-18Fools Crow, Lakota


10-23-18Fools Crow, Lakota

10-22-18Fools Crow, Lakota

10-21-18Fools Crow, Lakota

10-20-18Thomas Mails, Lakota

10-19-18Luther Standing Bear, Oglala Sioux

10-18-18Oren R. Lyons, Spokesperson, Traditional Circle of Elders

10-17-18Sitting Bull, Sioux

10-16-18Ethel Wilson, Cowichan

10-15-18Matthew King, Lakota

10-14-18Black Elk, Oglala Sioux

10-13-18Archie Fire Lame Deer, Lakota

10-12-18Traditional Circle of Elders

10-11-18Sitting Bull, Sioux

10-10-18Thomas Yellowtail, Crow

10-09-18Fools Crow, Lakota

10-08-18Cecilia Mitchell, Mohawk

10-07-18Cochise "Like Ironweed", Chiricahua Apache

10-06-18Mourning Dove {Christine Quintasket}(1888-1936), Salish

10-05-18Linda Hogan, Chickasaw

10-04-18Chased-By-Bears, Santee-Yanktonia Sioux

10-03-18Louis Farmer, Onondaga

10-02-18Tecumseh, Shawnee

10-01-18Charlie Knight, Ute

9-30-18Ralph Hotwea, Hopi

9-29-18Geronimo, Chiracahua Apache


9-27-18Pushmatata, Choctaw

9-26-18Pied Riche, Potawatomi

9-25-18Kanakuk, Kickapoo

9-24-18Don Jose Huichol, Sierra Madre

9-23-18Roy W.


9-21-18Vine Deloria Jr., Lakota

9-20-18Tom Porter, Mohawk

9-19-18Leon Shenandoah, Onondaga

9-18-18Dekanawidah, Iroquois

9-17-18Walking Elk, Santee

9-16-18Fools Crow, Lakota

9-15-18Wabasha, Lakota

9-14-18Najagneq, Eskimo

9-13-18Iglulik Eskimo Proverb

9-12-18Black Hawk, Sauk


9-10-18Chief Joseph, Nez Perce

9-09-18Thomas Banyacya, Hopi

9-08-18He Dog, Oglala Lakota

9-07-18Fools Crow, Lakota

9-06-18R. Carlos Nakai, Navajo-Ute

9-05-18Noble Red Man




9-01-18 Canio-dai-io, Seneca

8-31-18Clifton Charles, Mojave

8-30-18Forest Carter, Cherokee

8-29-18Sitting Bull

8-28-18Tecumseh, Shawnee

8-27-18Black Elk, Lakota

8-26-18Elder of Shongopoui, Hopi

8-25-18Matthew King, Lakota

8-24-18Lakota Wisdom

8-23-18Chief Washakie, Shoshone

8-22-18Okanicon, Delaware

8-21-18Alford Wilson, Shawnee

8-20-18Kanakuk, Kickapoo

8-19-18Como, Potawatomi

8-18-18Sitting Bull, Hunkpapa Sioux

8-17-18Joe Coyhis, Stockbridge-Munsee

8-16-18Qwatsinas (Heredity Chief Edward Moody), Nuxalk Nation

8-15-18Black Elk, Lakota Medicine Man

8-14-18Seneca Prayer

8-13-18Rolling Thunder, Cherokee

8-12-18Jose Maria, Pacific Anadark

8-11-18Linda Hogan, Chickasaw

8-10-18Ga-ne-odi-yo, Iroquois

8-09-18Chuck Ross, Lakota

8-08-18Ira Hayes, Pima

8-07-18Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

8-06-18Haida Gwaii, Traditional Circle of Elders

8-05-18Thomas Yellowtail, Crow

8-04-18Archie Fire Lame Deer, Lakota

8-03-18Vickie Downey, Tewa/Tesuque Pueblo

8-02-18Traditional Circle of Elders

8-01-18Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

7-31-18Uncle Frank Davis (quoting his mother), Pawnee


7-29-18Fools Crow, Lakota


7-27-18Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

7-26-18Oren Lyons, Onondaga

7-25-18Brian Maracle, Mohawk

7-24-18Cochise, Apache

7-23-18Pontiac, Ottawa

7-22-18Iron Eyes Cody

7-21-18Chief Lowrey, Cherokee

7-20-18Joe S. Jemez, Pueblo

7-19-18Black Elk, Lakota


7-17-18Sitting Bull, Hunkapapa Lakota

7-16-18Sitting Bull, Lakota

7-15-18AA Grapevine-July 1979, Saulteaux

7-14-18Fools Crow, Lakota

7-13-18Black Elk, Lakota

7-12-18Sitting Bull, Lakota

7-11-18Pontiac, Ottawa

7-10-18Wilma Mankiller, Cherokee

7-09-18Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

7-08-18From the Sixth Philosophy of the Gathering of Native American Men

7-07-18Wilma Mankiller, Cherokee

7-06-18Burgess Roye, Ponca

7-05-18Tecumseh, Shawnee

7-04-18Dekanawidah, Iroquois

7-03-18Fools Crow, Lakota

7-02-18Handsome Lake, Iroquois

7-01-18Lious Farmer, Onondaga

6-30-18Joe Coyhis, Stockbridge-Munsee

6-29-18To-Te-Pukenga, Maori

6-28-18Joy Harjo, Creek-Cherokee

6-27-18Squ-sact-un, Squaxin

6-26-18Al, Cherokee

6-25-18Hiawatha, Iroquois

6-24-18Fools Crow, Lakota

6-23-18Peau de Chat, Ojibway

6-22-18Barney Bush, Shawnee

6-21-18Howard Rainier, Taos Pueblo-Creek

6-20-18Little Raven, Arapaho

6-19-18Kanakuk, Kickapoo

6-18-18Joe Coyhis, Stockbridge-Munsee

6-17-18Senachwine, Potawatomi

6-16-18Horace Axtell, Nez Perce

6-15-18Leonard F, AA Grapevine July 2002

6-14-18Iroquois Constitution

6-13-18Pima Legend

6-12-18Lelia Fisher, HOH

6-11-18Matthew King, Lakota

6-10-18Leonard George, Chief Councilor

6-09-18Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

6-08-18Sun Bear, Chippewa

6-07-18Okanicon, Delaware

6-06-18Walks in the Rain, Winnebago

6-05-18Decori, Winnebago

6-04-18Tom Porter, Mohawk

6-03-18Tenkswataya, Shawnee

6-02-18Itgag, Yupik

6-01-18George Webb, Pima

5-31-18Tecumseh, Shawnee

5-30-18 John F Bryde, Lakota

5-29-18Luther Standing Bear, Oglala Sioux

5-28-18Haida Gwaii, Traditional Circle of Elders

5-27-18Clifton Charles, Mojave

5-26-18Liz, Odawa

5-25-18Nippawanock, Arapahoe

5-24-18Rolling Thunder, Cherokee

5-23-18Spotted Tail, Lakota

5-22-18Papoonon, Delaware 1755


5-20-18High Hollow Horn, Lakota

5-19-18Santanta, Kiowa

5-18-18Black Elk (Hehaka Sapa), Oglala

5-17-18Torline, Navajo

5-16-18Polingaysi Q'yawayma, Hopi

5-15-18Billy Mills, Lakota

5-14-18Talaskwaptiwa, Hopi

5-13-18Starleaf, Shinnecock

5-12-18Hiawatha, Iroquios Confederacy

5-11-18Grandmother of Charles Eastman, Santee Sioux


5-09-18Tecumseh, Shawnee

5-08-18Soso-ho-wa, Iroquois

5-07-18Tatanga Mani (Walking Buffalo), Stoney

5-06-18Hiawatha, Iroquois Confederacy

5-05-18Taos Pueblo

5-04-18Leonard George, Chief Councilor

5-03-18Chute-pa-lu, Nez Perce

5-02-18Ohiyesa, Lakota

5-01-18Robert Scott, Yurok

4-30-18Archie Fire Lame Deer, Lakota

4-29-18John Ross, Cherokee

4-28-18Haida Gwaii, Traditional Circle of Elders

4-27-18Elaine Ramos, Tlingit

4-26-18Luther Standing Bear, Oglala Sioux

4-25-18Henry Quick Bear, Lakota

4-24-18Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

4-23-18Cecilia Mitchell, Mohawk

4-22-18Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

4-21-18Sarah Winnemucca, Paiute

4-20-18Turtle Heart, Delaware

4-19-18Racheal Naomi Remem, Holistic Healer

4-18-18Dr. A. C.Ross (Ehanamani), Lakota

4-17-18Navdowessie, (Lakota)


4-15-18Henry Quick Bear, Lakota

4-14-18White Shield, Arikara

4-13-18Dekanawidah, Iroquois

4-12-18Thomas Yellowtail, Crow

4-11-18Pretty Shield, Crow


4-09-18Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

4-08-18Peau de Chat, Ojibway

4-07-18David Monongye, Hopi

4-06-18Joseph Bruchac, Abenaki

4-05-18Kote Kotah, Chumash

4-04-18Tenieya, Miwok

4-03-18Larry P. Aitken, Chippewa

4-02-18Red Jacket, Seneca

4-01-18C. Montezuma

3-31-18John Peters (Slow Turtle), Wampanoag


3-29-18Skanientariio, Six Nations


3-27-18Alfonso Ortiz, San Juan Pueblo

3-26-18Howling Wolf, Arapaho

3-25-18Cochise, Apache

3-24-18Red Cloud, Lakota

3-23-18Charles A, Eastman (Ohiyesa), Santee Sioux

3-22-18Chief Joseph, Nez Perce

3-21-18Little Crow, Lakota

3-20-18Traditional Circle of Elders, Northern Cheyenne

3-19-18Thomas Yellowtail

3-18-18Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

3-17-18Kanakuk, Kickapoo

3-16-18Nippawanock, Arapahoe


3-14-18Cornplanter, Iroquois

3-13-18Oren R. Lyons, Spokesperson, Traditional Circle of Elders

3-12-18Leonard George, Chief Councilor

3-11-18Fools Crow

3-10-18Jerome K., Lakota

3-09-18Geronimo, Apache

3-08-18Dona Josefa Medrano, Huichol

3-07-18F. Parkman, About the Iroquois Confederacy

3-06-18Stanley Paytiamo, Acoma Pueblo

3-05-18Petalesharo, Pawnee

3-04-18Willaru Huayta,Quechua Nation

3-03-18President Thomas Jefferson  "Letter to Handsome Lake"

3-02-18Handsome Lake, Iroquois


2-28-18Rolling Thunder, Cherokee

2-27-18Pachacutee, Inca

2-26-18Willaru Huayta, Quechua Nation

2-25-18Wasn-mani, Lakota

2-24-18Asad-a-wa, Wichita

2-23-18Skanientariio, Iroquois

2-22-18Lame Deer, Lakota

2-21-18Red Jacket, Seneca

2-20-18Iroquois, "Traditional Teachings"

2-19-18Deadly Medicine, Creek

2-18-18Willaru Huayta, Quechua Nation

2-17-18Occom, Mohegan

2-16-18Chief Luther Standing Bear, Sioux

2-15-18Traditional Circle of Elders, Onondaga

2-14-18Thomas Yellowtail, Crow

2-13-18Walking Buffalo, Stoney

2-12-18Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

2-11-18Cleone Thunder, Northern Cheyenne

2-10-18Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

2-09-18Thomas Yellowtail, Crow

2-08-18Thomas Yellowtail, Crow

2-07-18Las Casas


2-05-18Chief Luther Standing Bear, Sioux

2-04-18Rolling Thunder, Cherokee

2-03-18 Tshut-che-nac, Kansas

2-02-18Lame Deer, Lakota

2-01-18J.S. Hifler, Cherokee

1-31-18Haida Gwaii, Traditional Circle of Elders

1-30-18Sitting Bull, Teton Sioux

1-29-18 Pueblo Declaration

1-28-18David Monongye, Hopi

1-27-18Chief Wasson, Ojibway

1-26-18James St. Louis, Delaware

1-25-18Paula Weasel Head, Blood

1-24-18Great Blue Heron, Ojibway

1-23-18Delegation Spokesperson, Hopi

1-22-18Blackfoot Crow

1-21-18Satank, Kiowa

1-20-18Tocmetone, Paiute

1-19-18Cochise, Apache

1-18-18Tenskwatawa, Shawnee

1-17-18Cocooche, Seminole

1-16-18 Cree 1993

1-15-18John Fire Lame Deer, Lakota Sioux

1-14-18Sacred Hoop

1-13-18Pop Chalee, Taos Pueblo

1-12-18Waskn Mani

1-11-18Mary Hayes, Clayoquot

1-10-18Hiawatha, Iroquois

1-09-18Walks-in-the-Rain, Winnebago


1-07-18Rich, Santee Sioux

1-06-18Chief Joseph, Nez Perce

1-05-18Traditional Circle of Elders, Northern Cheyenne

1-04-18Chief Seattle, Dwamish

1-03-18Tenskwatawa, Shawnee

1-02-18Archie Fire Lame Deer, Lakota

1-01-18Okute, Teton Sioux

12-30-17J Hifler, Cherokee

12-29-17Traditional Circle of Elders, Northern Cheyenne

12-28-17Canasatego, Mohawk

12-27-17Hiawatha, Iroquois

12-26-17Hiawatha, Iroquois

12-25-17Two Leggings, Crow

12-24-17Michael Kabotie, Hopi

12-23-17Wallace Black Elk. Lakota


12-21-17Chute-pa-lu, Nez Perce

12-20-17Fools Crow, Lakota

12-19-17J S Hifler, Cherokee

12-18-17Vine Deloria, Jr., Lakota

12-17-17Shining Arrows, Crow

12-16-17Dekanawidah, Iroquois

12-15-17Blue Bird, Lower Brule Lakota

12-14-17Geronimo, Apache

12-13-17Kanigut, Tucarora

12-12-17Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

12-11-17Ga-ne-odi-yo, Iroquois

12-10-17Paula Weasel Head, Blood

12-09-17Tom White Cloud, Ojibway

12-08-17Chief Joseph, Nez Perce

12-07-17Dekanawidah, Iroquois

12-06-17Black Elk, Lakota

12-05-17George Webb, Pima

12-04-17High Hollow Horn, Lakota

12-03-17Turtleheart, Teton Sioux

12-02-17Dr. Lori Gruiso, Navajo

12-01-17Wendy Rose, Hopi-Miwok

11-30-17Sogoyewapha, "Red Jacket". Seneca

11-29-17Teedyuschung, Delaware

11-28-17Black Elk (1863-1950), Oglala Sioux Holy Man

11-27-17Irving Powless Sr., Onondaga

11-26-17Leon Shenandoah, Onondaga

11-25-17Oren Lyons, Onondaga

11-24-17Eagle Chief (Letakos-Lesa), Pawnee


11-22-17Red Cloud (Makhpiya-luta) April 1870

11-21-17Luther Standing Bear, Oglala Sioux

11-20-17Lone Man (Isna-la-wica)

11-19-17Chief Joseph, Nez Perce

11-18-17Chief Joseph, Nez Perce

11-17-17Chief Dan George, Skokomish

11-16-17Wovoka, Paiute

11-15-17Black Hawk, Sauk

11-14-17Chief Luther Standing Bear, Oglala Sioux

11-13-17Black Elk, Oglala Sioux

11-12-17Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

11-11-17Big Elk, Omaha Chief

11-10-17Charles Alexander Eastman Ohiyesa, Santee Sioux

11-09-17Larry P. Aitken, Chippewa

11-08-17Wabasha, Lakota Santee

11-07-17Iron Eyes Cody

11-06-17Charles Alexander Eastman "Ohiyesa," Santee Sioux

11-05-17Chief Joseph, Nez Perce

11-04-17Sitting Bull

11-03-17Joe Coyhis, Stockbridge-Munsee

11-02-17Tecumseh, Shawnee

11-01-17Matthew King, Lakota

10-31-17"The Honor of All," Alkali Lake

10-30-17Barney Bush, Shawnee

10-29-17Chief Oren Lyons, Onondaga

10-28-17Joe Coyhis, Stockbridge-Munsee

10-27-17Fools Crow, Lakota

10-26-17Sitting Bull, Lakota

10-25-17Fools Crow, Lakota


10-23-17Fools Crow, Lakota

10-22-17Fools Crow, Lakota

10-21-17Fools Crow, Lakota

10-20-17Thomas Mails, Lakota

10-19-17Luther Standing Bear, Oglala Sioux

10-18-17Oren R. Lyons, Spokesman, Traditional Circle of Elders

10-17-17Sitting Bull, Sioux

10-16-17Ethel Wilson, Cowichan

10-15-17Matthew King, Lakota

10-14-17Black Elk, Oglala Sioux

10-13-17Archie Fire Lame Deer, Lakota

10-12-17Traditional Circle of Elders

10-11-17Sitting Bull, Sioux

10-10-17Thomas Yellowtail, Crow

10-09-17Fools Crow, Lakota

10-08-17Cecilia Mitchell, Mohawk

10-07-17Cochise "Like Ironweed", Chiricahua Apache

10-06-17Mourning Dove [Christine Quintasket] (1888-1936), Salish

10-05-17Linda Hogan, Chickasaw

10-04-17Chased-By-Bears, Santee-Yanktonia Sioux

10-03-17Louis Farmer, Onondaga

10-02-17Tecumseh, Shawnee

10-01-17Charlie Knight, Ute

9-30-17Ralph Hotwea, Hopi

9-29-17Geronimo, Chiracahua Apache


9-27-17Pushmatata, Choctaw

9-26-17Pied Riche, Potawatomi

9-25-17Kanakuk, Kickapoo

9-24-17Don Jose Huichol., Sierra Madre

9-23-17Roy W.


9-21-17Vine Deloria Jr., Lakota

9-20-17Tom Porter, Mohawk

9-19-17Leon Shenandoah, Onondaga

9-18-17Dekanawidah, Iroquois

9-17-17Walking Elk, Santee

9-16-17Fools Crow, Lakota

9-15-17Wabasha, Lakota

9-14-17Najagneq, Eskimo

9-13-17Iglulik Eskimo Proverb

9-12-17Black Hawk, Sauk


9-10-17Chief Joseph, Nez Perce

9-09-17Thomas Banyacya, Hopi

9-08-17He Dog, Oglala Lakota

9-07-17Fools Crow, Lakota

9-06-17R. Carlos Nakai, Navajo-Ute

9-05-17Noble Red Man




9-01-17Canio-dai-io, Seneca

8-31-17Clifton Charles, Mojave

8-30-17Forest Carter, Cherokee

8-29-17Sitting Bull

8-28-17Tecumseh, Shawnee

8-27-17Black Elk, Lakota

8-26-17Elder of Shongopoui, Hopi

8-25-17Matthew King, Lakota

8-24-17Lakota Wisdom

8-23-17Chief Washakie, Shoshone

8-22-17Okanicon, Delaware

8-21-17Alford Wilson, Shawnee

8-20-17Kanakuk, Kickapoo

8-19-17Como, Potawatomi

8-18-17Sitting Bull, Hunkpapa Sioux

8-17-17Joe Coyhis, Stockbridge-Munsee

8-16-17Qwatsinas (Heredity Chief Edward Moody), Nuxalk Nation

8-15-17Black Elk, Lakota Medicine Man

8-14-17Seneca Prayer

8-13-17Rolling Thunder, Cherokee

8-12-17Jose Maria, Pacific Anadark

8-11-17Linda Hogan, Chickasaw

8-10-17Ga-ne-odi-yo, Iroquois

8-09-17Chuck Ross, Lakota

8-08-17Ira Hayes, Pima

8-07-17Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

8-06-17Haida Gwaii, Traditional Circle of Elders

8-05-17Thomas Yellowtail, Crow

8-04-17Archie Fire Lame Deer, Lakota

8-03-17Vickie Downey, Tewa/Tesuque Pueblo

8-02-17Traditional Circle of Elders

8-01-17Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

7-31-17Uncle Frank Davis (quoting his mother), Pawnee


7-29-17Fools Crow, Lakota


7-27-17Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

7-26-17Oren Lyons, Onondaga

7-25-17Brian Maracle, Mohawk

7-24-17Cochise, Apache

7-23-17Pontiac, Ottawa

7-22-17Iron Eyes Cody

7-21-17Chief Lowrey, Cherokee

7-20-17Joe S., Jemez Pueblo

7-19-17Black Elk, Lakota


7-17-17Sitting Bull, Hunkapapa Lakota

7-16-17Sitting Bull, Lakota

7-15-17AA Grapevine-July 1979, Saulteaux

7-14-17Fools Crow, Lakota

7-13-17Black Elk, Lakota

7-12-17Sitting Bull, Lakota

7-11-17Pontiac, Ottawa

7-10-17Wilma Mankiller, Cherokee

7-09-17Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

7-08-17From the Sixth Philosophy of the Gathering of Native American Men

7-07-17Wilma Mankiller, Cherokee

7-06-17Burgess Roye, Ponca

7-05-17Tecumseh, Shawnee

7-04-17Dekanawidah, Iroquois

7-03-17Fools Crow, Lakota

7-02-17Handsome Lake, Iroquois

7-01-17Louis Farmer, Onondaga

6-30-17Joe Coyhis, Stockbridge-Munsee

6-29-17To-Te-Pukenga, Maori

6-28-17Joy Harjo, Creek-Cherokee

6-27-17Squ-sact-un, Squaxin

6-26-17Al, Cherokee

6-25-17Hiawatha, Iroquois

6-24-17Fools Crow, Lakota

6-23-17Peau de Chat, Ojibway

6-22-17Barney Bush, Shawnee

6-21-17Howard Rainier, Taos Pueblo-Creek

6-20-17Little Raven, Arapaho

6-19-17Kanakuk, Kickapoo

6-18-17Joe Coyhis, Stockbridge-Munsee

6-17-17Senachwine, Potawatomi

6-16-17Horace Axtell, Nez Perce

6-15-17Leonard F, AA Grapevine July 2002

6-14-17Iroquois Constitution

6-13-17Pima Legend

6-12-17Lelia Fisher, HOH

6-11-17Matthew King, Lakota

6-10-17Leonard George, Chief Councilor

6-09-17Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

6-08-17Sun Bear, Chippewa

6-07-17Okanicon, Delaware

6-06-17Walks in the Rain, Winnebago

6-05-17Decori, Winnebago

6-04-17Tom Porter, Mohawk

6-03-17Tenkswataya, Shawnee

6-02-17Itgag, Yupik

6-01-17George Webb, Pima

5-31-17Tecumseh, Shawnee

5-30-17John F Bryde, Lakota

5-29-17Luther Standing Bear, Oglala Sioux

5-28-17Haida Gwaii, Traditional Circle of Elders

5-27-17Clifton Charles, Mojave

5-26-17Liz, Odawa

5-25-17Nippawanock, Arapahoe

5-24-17Rolling Thunder, Cherokee

5-23-17Spotted Tail, Lakota

5-22-17Papoonon, Delaware 1755


5-20-17High Hollow Horn, Lakota

5-19-17Satanta, Kiowa

5-18-17Black Elk (Hehaka Sapa), Oglala

5-17-17Torline, Navajo

5-16-17Polingaysi Q'yawayma, Hopi

5-15-17Billy Mills, Lakota

5-14-17Talaskwaptiwa, Hopi

5-13-17Starleaf, Shinnecock

5-12-17Hiawatha, Iroquois Confederacy

5-11-17Grandmother of Charles Eastman, Santee Sioux


5-09-17Tecumseh, Shawnee

5-08-17Soso-ho-wa, Iroquois

5-07-17Tatanga Mani (Walking Buffalo), Stoney

5-06-17Hiawatha, Iroquois Confederacy

5-05-17Leonard George, Chief Councilor

5-04-17Taos Pueblo

5-03-17Chute-pa-lu, Nez Perce

5-02-17Ohiyesa, Lakota

5-01-17Robert Spott, Yurok

4-30-17Archie Fire Lame Deer, Lakota

4-29-17John Ross, Cherokee

4-28-17Haida Gwaii, Traditional Circle of Elders

4-27-17Elaine Ramos, Tlingit

4-26-17Luther Standing Bear, Oglala Sioux

4-25-17Henry Quick Bear, Lakota

4-24-17Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

4-23-17Cecilia Mitchell, Mohawk

4-22-17Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

4-21-17Sarah Winnemucca, Paiute

4-20-17Turtle Heart, Delaware

4-19-17Rachael Naomi Remem, Holistic Healer

4-18-17Dr. A. C. Ross (Ehanamani, Lakota

4-17-17Navdowessie, Lakota


4-15-17Henry Quick Bear, Lakota

4-14-17White Shield, Arikara

4-13-17Dekanawidah, Iroquois

4-12-17Thomas Yellowtail, Crow

4-11-17Pretty Shield, Crow


4-09-17Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

4-08-17Peau de Chat, Ojibway

4-07-17David Monongye, Hopi

4-06-17Joseph Bruchac, Abenaki

4-05-17Kote Kotah, Chumash

4-04-17Tenieya, Miwok

4-03-17Larry P. Aitken, Chippewa

4-02-17Red Jacket, Seneca

4-01-17C. Montezuma, Yavapai

3-31-17John Peters (Slow Turtle), Wampanoag


3-29-17Skanientariio, Six Nations


3-27-17Alfonso Ortiz, San Juan Pueblo

3-26-17Howling Wolf, Arapaho

3-25-17Cochise, Apache

3-24-17Red Cloud, Lakota

3-23-17Charles A. Eastman (Ohiyesa), Santee Sioux

3-22-17Chief Joseph, Nez Perce

3-21-17Little Crow, Lakota

3-20-17Traditional Circle of Elders, Northern Cheyenne

3-19-17Thomas Yellowtail, Crow

3-18-17Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

3-17-17Kanakuk, Kickapoo

3-16-17Nippawanock, Arapahoe


3-14-17Cornplanter, Iroquois

3-13-17Oren R. Lyons, Spokesman Traditional Circle of Elders

3-12-17Leonard George, Chief Councilor

3-11-17Fools Crow, Lakota

3-10-17Jerome K., Lakota

3-09-17Geronimo, Apache

3-08-17Dona Josefa Medrano, Huichol

3-07-17F. Parkman, About the Iroquois Confederacy

3-06-17Stanley Paytiamo, Acoma Pueblo

3-05-17Petalesharo, Pawnee

3-04-17Willaru Huayta, Quechua Nation

3-03-17President Thomas Jefferson, "Letter to Handsome Lake"

3-02-17Handsome Lake, Iroquois


2-28-17Rolling Thunder, Cherokee

2-27-17Pachacutee, Inca

2-26-17Willaru Huayta, Quechua Nation

2-25-17Wasn-mani, Lakota

2-24-17Asad-a-wa, Wichita

2-23-17Skanientariio, Iroquois

2-22-17Lame Deer, Lakota

2-21-17Red Jacket, Seneca

2-20-17Iroquois "Traditional Teachings"

2-19-17Deadly Medicine, Creek

2-18-17Willaru Huayta, Quechua Nation

2-17-17Occom, Mohegan

2-16-17Chief Luther Standing Bear, Sioux

2-15-17Traditional Circle of Elders, Onondaga

2-14-17Thomas Yellowtail, Crow

2-13-17Walking Buffalo, Stoney

2-12-17Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

2-11-17Cleone Thunder, Northern Arapahoe

2-10-17Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

2-09-17Thomas Yellowtail, Crow

2-08-17Thomas Yellowtail, Crow

2-07-17Las Casas


2-05-17Chief Luther Standing Bear, Sioux

2-04-17Rolling Thunder, Cherokee

2-03-17Tshut-che-nac, Kansas

2-02-17Lame Deer, Lakota

2-01-17J. S. Hifler, Cherokee

1-31-17Haida Gwaii, Traditional Circle of Elders

1-30-17Sitting Bull , Teton Sioux

1-29-17Pueblo Declaration

1-28-17David Monongye, Hopi

1-27-17Chief Wasson, Ojibway

1-26-17James St. Louis, Delaware

1-25-17Paula Weasel Head, Blood

1-24-17Great Blue Heron, Ojibway

1-23-17Delegation Spokesperson, Hopi

1-22-17Blackfoot Crow

1-21-17Satank, Kiowa

1-20-17Tocmetone, Paiute

1-19-17Cochise, Apache

1-18-17Tenskwatawa, Shawnee

1-17-17Cocooche, Seminole

1-16-17Cree, 1993

1-15-17John (Fire) Lame Deer, Lakota Sioux

1-14-17Sacred Hoop

1-13-17Pop Chalee, Taos Pueblo

1-12-17Waskn Mani

1-11-17Mary Hayes, Clayoquot

1-10-17Hiawatha, Iroquois

1-09-17Walks-in-the-Rain, Winnebago


1-07-17Rich, Santee Lakota

1-06-17Chief Joseph, Nez Perce

1-05-17Traditional Circle of Elders, Northern Cheyenne

1-04-17Chief Seattle, Dwamish

1-03-17Tenskwatawa, Shawnee

1-02-17Archie Fire Lame Deer, Lakota

1-01-17Okute, Teton Sioux

12-31-16Hiawatha, Iroquios

12-30-16J Hifler, Cherokee

12-29-16Traditional Circle of Elders, Northern Cheyenne

12-28-16Canasatego, Mohawk

12-27-16Hiawatha, Iroquois

12-26-16Hiawatha, Iroquois

12-25-16Two Leggings, Crow

12-24-16Michael Kabotie, Hopi

12-23-16Wallace Black Elk, Lakota


12-21-16Chute-pa-lu, Nez Perce

12-20-16Fools Crow, Lakota

12-19-16J S Hifler, Cherokee

12-18-16Vine Deloria Jr., Lakota

12-17-16Shining Arrows, Crow

12-16-16Dekanawidah, Iroquois

12-15-16Blue Bird, Lower Brule Lakota

12-14-16Geronimo, Apache

12-13-16Kanigut, Tuscarora

12-12-16Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

12-11-16Ga-ne-odi-yo, Iroquois

12-10-16Paula Weasel Head, Blood

12-09-16Tom White Cloud, Ojibway

12-08-16Chief Joseph, Nez Perce

12-07-16Dekanawidah, Iroquois

12-06-16Black Elk, Lakota

12-05-16George Webb, Pima

12-04-16High Hollow Horn, Lakota

12-03-16Turtleheart, Teton Sioux

12-02-16Dr. Lori Gruiso, Navajo

12-01-16Wendy Rose, Hopi-Miwok

11-30-16Sogoyewapha, "Red Jacket", Seneca

11-29-16Teedyuschung, Delaware

11-28-16Black Elk (1863-1950), Oglala Sioux Holy Man

11-27-16Irving Powless Sr., Onondaga

11-26-16Leon Shenandoah, Onondaga

11-25-16Oren Lyons, Onondaga

11-24-16Eagle Chief (Letakos-Lesa), Pawnee


11-22-16Red Cloud (Makhpiya-luta), 1870

11-21-16Luther Standing Bear, Oglala Sioux

11-20-16Lone Man (Isna-la-wica)

11-19-16Chief Joseph, Nez Perce

11-18-16Chief Joseph, Nez Perce

11-17-16Chief Dan George, Skokomish

11-16-16Wovoka, Paiute

11-15-16Black Hawk, Sauk

11-14-16Chief Luther Standing Bear, Oglala Sioux

11-13-16Black Elk, Oglala Sioux

11-12-16Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

11-11-16Big Elk, Omaha Chief

11-10-16Charles Alexander Eastman Ohiyesa, Santee Sioux

11-09-16Larry P. Aitken, Chippewa

11-08-16Wasbasha, Lakota Santee

11-07-16Iron Eyes Cody

11-06-16Charles Alexander Eastman Ohiyesa, Santee Sioux

11-05-16Chief Joseph, Nez Perce

11-04-16Sitting Bull

11-03-16Joe Coyhis, Stockbridge-Munsee

11-02-16Tecumseh, Shawnee

11-01-16Matthew King, Lakota

10-31-16"The Honor of All", Alkali Lake

10-30-16Barney Bush, Shawnee

10-29-16Chief Oren Lyons, Onondaga

10-28-16Joe Coyhis, Stockbridge-Munsee

10-27-16Fools Crow, Lakota

10-26-16Sitting Bull, Lakota

10-25-16Fools Crow, Lakota


10-23-16Fools Crow, Lakota

10-22-16Fools Crow, Lakota

10-21-16Fools Crow, Lakota

10-20-16Thomas Mills, Lakota

10-19-16Luther Standing Bear, Oglala Sioux

10-18-16Oren R. Lyons, Spokesman, Traditional Circle of Elders

10-17-16Sitting Bull, Sioux

10-16-16Ethel Wilson, Cowichan

10-15-16Mathew King, Lakota

10-14-16Black Elk, Oglala Sioux

10-13-16Archie Fire Lame Deer, Lakota

10-12-16Traditional Circle of Elders

10-11-16Sitting Bull, Sioux

10-10-16Thomas Yellowtail, Crow

10-09-16Fools Crow, Lakota

10-08-16Cecilia Mitchell, Mohawk

10-07-16Cochise "Like Ironweed", Chiricahua Apache

10-06-16Mournung Dove {Christine Quintasket} (1888-1936), Salish

10-05-16Linda Hogan, Chickasaw

10-04-16Chased-By-Bears, Santee-Yanktonia Sioux

10-03-16Louis Farmer, Onondaga

10-02-16Tecumseh, Shawnee

10-01-16Charlie Knight, Ute

9-30-16Ralph Hotwea, Hopi

9-29-16Geronimo, Chiracahua Apache


9-27-16Pushmatata, Choctaw

9-26-16Pied Riche, Potawatomi

9-25-16Kanakuk, Kickapoo

9-24-16Don Jose Huichol, Sierra Madre

9-23-16Roy W.


9-21-16Vine Deloria Jr., Lakota

9-20-16Tom Porter, Mohawk

9-19-16Leon Shenandoah, Onondaga

9-18-16Dekanawidah, Iroquois

9-17-16Walking Elk, Santee

9-16-16Fools Crow, Lakota

9-15-16Wabasha, Lakota

9-14-16Najagneq, Eskimo

9-13-16Iglulik Eskimo Proverb

9-12-16Black Hawk, Sauk


9-10-16Chief Joseph, Nez Perce

9-09-16Thomas Banyacya, Hopi

9-08-16He Dog, Lakota

9-07-16Fools Crow, Lakota

9-06-16R. Carlos Nakai, Navajo-Ute

9-05-16Noble Red Man




9-01-16Canio-dai-io, Seneca

8-31-16Clifton Charles, Mojave

8-30-16Forest Carter, Cherokee

8-29-16Sitting Bull

8-28-16Tecumseh, Shawnee

8-27-16Black Elk, Lakota

8-26-16Elder of Shongopoui, Hopi

8-25-16Matthew King, Lakota

8-24-16Lakota Wisdom

8-23-16Chief Washakie, Shoshone

8-22-16Okanicon, Delaware

8-21-16Alford Wilson, Shawnee

8-20-16Kanakuk, Kickapoo

8-19-16Como, Potawatomi

8-18-16Sitting Bull, Hunkpapa Sioux

8-17-16Qwatsinas (Heredity Chief Edward Moody). Nuxalk Nation

8-16-16Joe Coyhis, Stockbridge-Munsee

8-15-16Black Elk, Lakota Medecine Man

8-14-16Seneca Prayer

8-13-16Rolling Thunder, Cherokee

8-12-16Jose Maria, Pacific Anadark

8-11-16Linda Hogan, Chickasaw

8-10-16Ga-ne-odi-yo, Iroquois

8-09-16Chuck Ross, Lakota

8-08-16Ira Hayes, Pima

8-07-16Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

8-06-16Haidi Gwaii, Traditional Circle of Elders

8-05-16Thomas Yellowtail, Crow

8-04-16Archie Fire Lame Deer, Lakota

8-03-16Vickie Downey, Tewa/Tesuque Pueblo

8-02-16Traditional Circle of Elders

8-01-16Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

7-31-16Uncle Frank Davis (quoting his mother), Pawnee


7-29-16Fools Crow, Lakota


7-27-16Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

7-26-16Oren Lyons, Onondaga

7-25-16Brian Maracle, Mohawk

7-24-16Cochise, Apache

7-23-16Pontiac, Ottawa

7-22-16Iron Eyes Cody

7-21-16Chief Lowrey, Cherokee

7-20-16Joe S. Jemez, Pueblo

7-19-16Black Elk, Lakota


7-17-16Sitting Bull, Hunkapapa Lakota

7-16-16Sitting Bull, Lakota

7-15-16AA Grapevine-July 1979, Saulteaux

7-14-16Fools Crow, Lakota

7-13-16Black Elk, Lakota

7-12-16Sitting Bull, Lakota

7-11-16Pontiac, Ottawa

7-10-16Wilma Mankiller, Cherokee

7-09-16Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

7-08-16From the Sixth Philosophy of the Gathering of Native American Men

7-07-16Wilma Mankiller, Cherokee

7-06-16Burgess Roye, Ponca

7-05-16Tecumseh, Shawnee

7-04-16Dekanawidah, Iroquois

7-03-16Fools Crow, Lakota

7-02-16Handsome Lake, Iroquois

7-01-16Louis Farmer, Onondaga

6-30-16Joe Coyhis, Stockbridge-Munsee

6-29-16To-Te-Pukenga, Maori

6-28-16Joy Harjo, Creek-Cherokee

6-27-16Squ-sact-un, Squaxin

6-26-16Al, Cherokee

6-25-16Hiawatha, Irois

6-24-16Fools Crow, Lakota

6-23-16Peau de Chat, Ojibway

6-22-16Barney Bush, Shawnee

6-21-16Howard Rainer, Taos Pueblo-Creek

6-20-16Little Raven, Arapaho

6-19-16Kanakuk, Kickapoo

6-18-16Joe Coyhis, Stockbridge-Munsee

6-17-16Senachwine, Potawatomi

6-16-16Horace Axtell, Nez Perce

6-15-16Leonard F, AA Grapevine July 2002

6-14-16Iroquois Constitution

6-13-16Pima Legend

6-12-16Lelia Fisher, HOH

6-11-16Matthew King, Lakota

6-10-16Leonard George, Chief Councilor

6-09-16Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

6-08-16Sun Bear, Chippewa

6-07-16Okanicon, Delaware

6-06-16Walks in the Rain, Winnebago

6-05-16Decori, Winnebago

6-04-16Tom Porter, Mohawk

6-03-16Tenkswataya, Shawnee

6-02-16Itgag, Yupik

6-01-16George Webb, Pima

5-31-16Tecumseh, Shawnee

5-30-16John F Bryde, Lakota

5-29-16Luther Standing Bear, Oglala Sioux

5-28-16Haida Gwaii, Traditional Circle of Elders

5-27-16Clifton Charles, Mojave

5-26-16Liz, Odawa

5-25-16Nippawanock, Arapahoe

5-24-16Rolling Thunder, Cherokee

5-23-16Spotted Tail, Lakota

5-22-16Papoonon, Delaware 1755


5-20-16High Hollow Horn, Lakota

5-19-16Satanta, Kiowa

5-18-16Black Elk (Hehaka Sapa), Oglala

5-17-16Torline, Navajo

5-16-16Polingaysi Q'yawayma, Hopi

5-15-16Billy Mills, Lakota

5-14-16Talaskwaptiwa, Hopi

5-13-16Starleaf, Shinnecock

5-12-16Hiawatha, Iroquois Confederacy

5-11-16Grandmother of Charles Eastman, Santee Sioux


5-09-16Tecumseh, Shawnee

5-08-16Soso-ho-wa, Iroquois

5-07-16Tatanga Mani, Stoney

5-06-16Hiawatha, Iroquois Confederacy

5-05-16Taos Pueblo

5-04-16Leonard George, Chief Councilor

5-03-16Chute-pa-lu, Nez Perce

5-02-16Ohiyesa, Lakota

5-01-16Robert Spott, Yurok

4-30-16Archie Fire Lame Deer, Lakota

4-29-16John Ross, Cherokee

4-28-16Haida Gwaii, Traditional Circle of Elders

4-27-16Elaine Ramos, Tlingit

4-26-16Luther Standing Bear, Oglala Sioux

4-25-16Henry Quick Bear, Lakota

4-24-16Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

4-23-16Cecilia Mitchell, Mohawk

4-22-16Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

4-21-16Sarah Winnemucca, Paiute

4-20-16Turtle Heart, Delaware

4-19-16Rachael Naomi Remem, Holistic Healer

4-18-16Dr. A.C. Ross (Ehanamani), Lakota

4-17-16Navdowessie, Lakota


4-15-16Henry Quick Bear, Lakota

4-14-16White Shield, Arikara

4-13-16Dekanawidah, Iroquois

4-12-16Thomas Yellowtail, Crow

4-11-16Pretty Shield, Crow


4-09-16Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

4-08-16Peau de Chat, Ojibway

4-07-16David Monongye, Hopi

4-06-16Joseph Bruchac, Abenaki

4-05-16Kote Kotah, Chumash

4-04-16Tenieya, Miwok

4-03-16Larry P. Aitken, Chippewa

4-02-16Red Jacket, Seneca

4-01-16C. Montezuma, Yavapai

3-31-16John Peters (Slow Turtle), Wampanoag


3-29-16Skanientariio, Six Nations


3-27-16Alfonso Ortiz, San Juan Pueblo

3-26-16Howling Wolf, Arapaho

3-25-16Cochise, Apache

3-24-16Red Cloud, Lakota

3-23-16Charles A. Eastman (Ohiyesa), Santee Sioux

3-22-16Chief Joseph, Nez Perce

3-21-16Little Crow, Lakota

3-20-16Traditional Circle of Elders, Northern Cheyenne

3-19-16Thomas Yellowtail, Crow

3-18-16Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

3-17-16Kanakuk, Kickapoo

3-16-16Nippawanock, Arapahoe


3-14-16Cornplanter, Iroquois

3-13-16Oren R. Lyons, Spokesman Traditional Circle of Elders

3-12-16Leonard George, Chief Councilor

3-11-16Fools Crow, Lakota

3-10-16Jerome K., Lakota

3-09-16Geronimo, Apache

3-08-16Dona Josefa Medrano, Huichol

3-07-16F. Parkman, About the Iroquois Confederacy

3-06-16Stanley Paytiamo, Acoma Pueblo

3-05-16Petalesharo, Pawnee

3-04-16Willaru Huayta, Quechua Nation

3-03-16President Thomas Jefferson Letter to Handsome Lake

3-02-16Handsome Lake, Iroquois


2-29-16Larry P. Aitken,Chippewa

2-28-16Rolling Thunder, Cherokee

2-27-16Pachacutee, Inca

2-26-16Willaru Huayta, Quechua Nation

2-25-16Wasn-mani, Lakota

2-24-16Asad-a-wa, Wichita

2-23-16Skanientariio, Iroquois

2-22-16Lame Deer, Lakota

2-21-16Red Jacket, Seneca

2-20-16Iroquois, "Traditional Teachings"

2-19-16Deadly Medicine, Creek

2-18-16Willaru Huayta, Quechua Nation

2-17-16Occom, Mohegan

2-16-16Chief Luther Standing Bear, Sioux

2-15-16Traditional Circle of Elders, Onondaga

2-14-16Thomas Yellowtail, Crow

2-13-16Walking Buffalo, Stoney

2-12-16Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

2-11-16Cleone Thunder, Northern Arapahoe

2-10-16Wallace Black Elk, Lakota

2-09-16Thomas Yellowtail, Crow

2-08-16Thomas Yellowtail, Crow

2-07-16Las Casas


2-05-16Chief Luther Standing Bear, Sioux

2-04-16Rolling Thunder, Cherokee

2-03-16Tshut-che-nac, Kansas

2-02-16Lame Deer, Lakota

2-01-16J. S Hifler, Cherokee

1-31-16Haida Gwaii, Traditional Circle of Elders

1-30-16Sitting Bull, Teton Sioux

1-29-16Pueblo Declaration

1-28-16David Monongye, Hopi

1-27-16Chief Wasson, Ojibway

1-26-16James St. Louis, Delaware

1-25-16Paula Weasel Head, Blood

1-24-16Great Blue Heron, Ojibway

1-23-16Delegation Spokesperson, Hopi

1-22-16Blackfoot Crow

1-21-16Santank, Kiowa

1-20-16Tocmetone, Paiute

1-19-16Cochise, Apache

1-18-16Tenskwatawa, Shawnee

1-17-16Cocooche, Seminole

1-16-16Cree, 1993

1-15-16John (Fire) Lame Deer, Lakota Sioux

1-14-16Sacred Hoop

1-13-16Pop Chalee, Taos Pueblo

1-12-16Waskn Mani

1-11-16Mary Hayes, Clayoquot

1-10-16Hiawatha, Iroquois

1-09-16Walks-in-the-Rain, Winnebago


1-07-16Rich, Santee Lakota

1-06-16Chief Joseph, Nez Perce

1-05-16Traditional Circle of Elders, Northern Cheyenne

1-04-16Chief Seattle, Dwamish

1-03-16Tenskwatawa, Shawnee

1-02-16Archie Fire Lame Deer, Lakota

1-01-16Okute, Teton Sioux

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